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Richard Armitage @RCArmitage ·

.@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage join me in 30mins for some questions. My new friend “Lippy” won’t be answering questions


Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards ·
Hi Everyone, Thanks for being here. I’m going to start with a really good one from a very special person #AskArmitage

yael farber ‏@yfarber
#AskArmitage most balls-to-wall moment?1st foto shoot impact/throwingup in act4 improv/lost bladdercontrol/push-wall-4hrs-sharpen-ax-repeat?
Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards
.@yfarber Can I say the rubbish breakfast you bought be in Leeds about a year ago? The impro/priming for Act 4 which I used every night RA

Glady ‏@GladyRoland
@RCArmitage @OlivierAwards Did you have your own version of John Proctor before speaking with Yael? Was it different? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards
.@GladyRoland @RCArmitage I ‘tasted’ Millers extraordinary portrait in a very personal way, I think that’s what Yael saw RA

Su Falk ‏@SunkenTreasure7
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What would be the role of a lifetime for you? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@SunkenTreasure7 @RCArmitage This was it. Proctor, but Yael’s production surpassed my expectations. There is another role in our minds…RA

Laura Morano ‏@mustwritefaster
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What is it about a script that makes you think “I have to be part of that” #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@mustwritefaster @RCArmitage When you read the words on the page with your eyes, and immediately want to speak them aloud, and then you try

Liz Hanbury ‏@Liz_Hanbury
.@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What was the first thing you saw on stage that had a big impact on you? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@Liz_Hanbury @RCArmitage Michael Gambon ‘Volpone’ Janet McTeer ‘A Dolls House’

Allison Rose ‏@arose_is_arose
What have you taken from your big return to theater back to your film and television work? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@arose_is_arose I think a sense of play hard or go home, and that every ‘take’ is a chance to go deeper. No repeating.

Cristina Baier ‏@CristinalOwl88
#AskArmitage Are you excited to be nominated for the wonderful Olivier Award? Such an honor, wishing you the best! #OlivierAward
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@CristinalOwl88 I’ve never been prouder than this, it’s a huge honor to be in the company Mark,Tim and James. Actors I admire immensely.

Delphine Estienne ‏@elinoriane
#AskArmitage What role would you like to play more than anything in the future, that you dream to play?Thank you very much!
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@elinoriane @RCArmitage I’d love to stand on stage and say “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”…I’ve said it in private enough times!

Wang Lu ‏@Luna8825
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage #AskArmitage which one is more difficult on stage, the dramatic conflict or subtle sensitive emotions?
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@Luna8825 Feeling something/goose pimples are hard to ‘see’, I believe an ‘silent alchemy’ between two actors can galvanize an audience

Jessica ‏@oakenshieldx
#AskArmitage Tell us about the cast of The Crucible, what was it like working with them? @OlivierAwards
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@oakenshieldx An extraordinarily tenacious cast, vibrant, humble,thoughtful, committed. They were ‘all in’. Catherine is missed

TildaDwi ‏@mdwijati
#AskArmitage What do you most like and dislike about John Proctor character?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@mdwijati His love for Elizabeth. His blindness. the former changes the latter through the play; love gives him sight, he dies with clarity

Cyn ‏@dainty_c
#AskArmitage @OlivierAwards Any actor you dream to work with onstage in the future?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@dainty_c An actor who absolutely depends on the other for everything they need.Hard to know until you try a scene and look into their eyes
.@dainty_c Cate Blanchette

Allison Rose ‏@arose_is_arose
Loved digital Crucible but know it was a different experience from the live play.Anything you liked better about filmed version?#AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@arose_is_arose Yael twisted my arm, The close ups. That was a perspective only the actors had, the the camera got ‘in there’, wonderful

Gai Singer  ‏@it_sGai
Apart from The Crucible which other works by Arthur Miller do you like? #AskArmitage @OlivierAwards
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@it_sGai Ha ha, A View From the Bridge. And Ivo Van Hove’s production is astonishing. The Price is a favorite.

Zebra Déborah ‏@AnaraDubh
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage #AskArmitage what was your favourite reaction of the public during the play?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@AnaraDubh when Cheever entered Act 2 to arrest Elizabeth, gasps of ‘oh no’, people put their hands to their faces, their fear was palpable

Dorothea Blümer ‏@dorotheabluemer
@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage After half a year without being John Proctor have you left him behind, or is he or parts of him still with you?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@dorotheabluemer He’ll always be there, I still peek at those words, Like having another listen to Beethoven’s No 3…just to check

Kirsten B Caron ‏@Kirstenbcaron
@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage What is the primary message you hope viewers take with them after experiencing The Crucible?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@Kirstenbcaron The power and potency of our words, our beliefs, our accusation, our design can tear down a society..
.@Kirstenbcaron …a drop of water becomes a tidal wave.

Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards ·
.@RCArmitage I think that might be a nice note to end on. Thanks for coming signing off now. Happy Easter RAX


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