Digital Theatre The Crucible Cinema Releases … so far

A number of cinema sites in the UK are now posting their schedule for showing the digital release of The Crucible with a release date of 4th December. There has been no official announcement, as yet, from either The Old Vic Theatre or Digital Theatre. Nor do there seem to be any announcements for theatres outside the UK. In the meantime, here is the current list – (thanks to @lucky24061) (thanks to @lucky24061) (thanks to @lucky24061) (thanks to @lucky24061) (thanks to @sahRAobsessed) (thanks Traxy)


On 13th October, CinemaLive posted an updatable list of cinemas worldwide where it will be released.



Tweets: Last peformance of The Crucible & curtain call video

Richard says goodbye to The Crucible and posts a video of the curtain call from the September 10 performance where he invited director Yael Farber on stage.

The Old Vic – In Conversation with Richard Armitage – to be tweeted live

In response to an email question, The Old Vic has said that the forthcoming In Conversation with Richard Armitage will be tweeted live on their Twitter feed, @oldvictheatre. We’re waiting to confirm the hashtag. Just to remind you, the event will be held 2nd September at 5pm GMT.