Sarah Dunn photos from Sleepwalker

Sarah Dunn has released two new photos of Richard from the Sleepwalker set.

Sarah Dunn photo, 9th December

Sarah Dunn has posted a new photo of Richard on her twitter and facebook pages:

More Sarah Dunn photos

Thanks to @Santa_Russia for tweeting these photos taken by Sarah Dunn (assuming for Empire Magazine? *see update) and for @Bette_green for sending the tweet to us.

**UPDATE: These pictures originally taken by Marisoul Ortiz and posted on her tumblr.  From Cine Premiere #243.

On her facebook page, Sarah Dunn also said that she will be posting her favourite pics from recent Hobbit photoshoots starting on 1st December to celebrate the London BOTFA premiere.  “RA fans are in for a treat,” she says!