Bakersfield Now interview for Berlin Station transcript

We have added our 4-page transcript of Richard’s interview with Bakersfield Now for Berlin Station to our Library. There’s a brief mention of Robin Hood, and Cold Feet (where IMDb apparently says Richard took aqua aerobic lessons for Cold Feet, although he’s also said in an interview that he gave aqua aerobic lessons). This link is to p. 1 of the transcript and you can navigate through the rest of the interview – and the Library – by using the Library’s thumbnails.

Robin Hood (2006-2009) Sir Guy of Gisborne

The BBC series, Robin Hood, aired for 3 seasons, from 2006 until 2009. It starred Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne, the evil Sheriff’s right hand man or, as Richard called him, “the Sheriff’s weapon”, Jonas Armstrong as Robin, Lucy Griffiths as Marion, Keith Allen as the villainous Sheriff Vasey of Nottingham. Sir Guy is ” …  a dispossessed lord from the Norman conquests and he is ruthless and actively clawing his way back up into the echelons of society.” (Richard Armitage Interview: Audiobook interview, Will You Tolerate This?)

Through the series, Guy’s character’s becomes, through his feelings for Marion, more humane until, in the last episodes, he reaches heroism.

Production Details

Richard Armitage – Sir Guy of Gisborne (1-3)
Jonas Armstrong – Robin Hood (1-3)
Keith Allen – Vasey, Sheriff of Nottingham (1-3)
Lucy Griffiths – Marian (1-2)
Sam Troughton – Much (1-3)
Joe Armstrong – Alan a Dale (1-3)
Gordon Kennedy – Little John (1-3)
Harry Lloyd – Will Scarlett (1-2)
Anjali Jay – Djaq (1-2)
David Harewood – Brother Tuck (3)
Lara Pulver – Isabella of Gisborne (3)
Joanne Froggatt – Kate (3)
Clive Standen – Archer (3)

Foz Allen
Dominic Minghella

Executive Producers                   Series Producers
Foz Allen (1-3)                               Richard Burrell (1)
Dominic Minghella (1-2)                Nick Pitt (1-2)
Greg Brenman (1-2)                      Jane Hudson (3)
Tod Mullens (3)

He looks at what people have got, he looks at Robin, he looks at his heroism; he looks at his popularity. He wants that because if he can attach those things to himself he will continue on that upwardly mobile course. (BBCA Robin Hood Series 2, Inside Look) [YouTube]

John McKay (1)
Richard Standeven (1)
Declan O’Dwyer (1)
Grahame Harper (1-3)
Matthew Evans (1-3)
Douglas Mackinnon (1& 3)
Ciaran Donnelly (2)
James Erskine (2)
Roger Goldby (2, 3)
Alex Pillai (3)
Patrick Lau (3)
John Greening (3)

Dominic Minghella (1)
Foz Allan (2)
Paul Cornell (1)
Mark Wadlow (1)
Debbie Oates (1-2)
Richard Kurti (1-2)
Bev Doyle (1-2)
Joe Turner (1)
Simon J Ashford  (1-3)
Michael Chaplin (3)
Ryan Craig (3)
Holly Phillips (3)
Lisa Holdsworth (3)
Timothy Prager (3)
John Jackson (3)
Chris Lang (3)

He ends up killing Robin, or so he believes but, um, it’s still tearing up his brain a bit. …his head is like a room that he’s rifling through trying to look for the answer to why he did what he did. And that’s the point where he starts. (Robin Hood Season Three, DVD Special features, ‘A Legend Reborn’)


I always maintained that Gisborne was only interesting when he wasn’t getting what he wanted. Give him what he needs and it’s over.
(Vulpes Libris, ‘In conversation with Richard Armitage’, July 9, 2009)