Tweets, RIP Richard III

Richard’s tweets on seeing Martin Freeman in Richard III

Richard saw Martin Freeman in his last performance in Richard III:

Empire Online, “Stage to Screen: The Hobbit Stars”

The Empire Online looks at Richard Armitage’s performance in The Crucible and Martin Freeman as Richard III. (Thanks to @shumadas) Summing up, Helen O’Hara says:


I’d love to say one was far superior, but the sad fact is that that Peter Jackson guy knew what he was doing when he cast those two. … Freeman can also kick ass as a Shakespearean villain, as if anyone ever doubted it, while Armitage can knock a complicated leading man role out of the park even without a fake nose and a giant beard.

East Midlands Today interview

The BBC East Midlands Today facebook page posted their interview with Richard.  Richard talks about The Hobbit, playing cello in the orchestra as a child, what he would’ve been named if not born on 22nd August, and visiting Leicestershire now that he’s filming in UK.

Weekly News Roundup: September 29 – October 5

Richard Armitage news you may have missed, week of September 29, 2013: