The Martian Invasion of Earth release

Richard retweeted Big Finish’s announcement that The Martian Invasion of Earth audioplay has been released.


And there are bonus features to anyone who orders the book

Vulture interview with Wolverine podcast writer Benjamin Percy

Wolverine podcast writer Benjamin Percy on what fans can expect from The Long Night on

And you got Richard Armitage to play Wolverine!
When they were listing off different names as possibilities, as soon as they came to Armitage, I snapped my fingers and said, “Him, he’s the one.” I just knew that he was perfect for this role. He has not only the gravelly baritone, but a certain haunted demeanor about him that makes him perfectly suited for Wolverine. He’s a very, very smart guy. Some of the emails that he sent, in which he was referencing William Blake’s Nebuchadnezzar and talking about how he wanted to sort of unpack the character of Wolverine, they were scholarly. He’s not someone in this role. This guy is Wolverine.

That’s a good Blake cut.
If you’re familiar with that painting, it’s the man on all-fours. He saw in that painting an equivalency to Logan.

Richard to attend SXSW Festival

Richard will be attending the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX on March 11 to talk about The Wolverine: The Long Night podcast. Thanks to @EniKoni.