Film Inquiry Pilgrimage review

A very positive review, that pays particular attention to Richard’s performance, from Amyana Bartley at Film Inquiry.


“Re-positioning the usual spotlight from Marvel’s new golden boys, I’d like to focus on a truly stand out performance.  Richard Armitage, known mostly to American audiences for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, brings his most accomplished, focused performance to date. With a quiet, yet domineering presence, he delivers a villain of poise and elegance. From the first moment De Merville is revealed, you know you’re in for a dastardly treat. Armitage contributes a character of simmering rage, refined beauty and caustic color to an otherwise anemic, feral cast of players … “.


And, that’s just the beginning.

Richard tweets about Pilgrimage


ETNow lists Pilgrimage among 23 Must See Tribeca movies

The Irish Film Board has tweeted (and Richard has retweeted) that ETNow has named Pilgrimage as one of its 23 can’t miss Tribeca Film events.