Pilgrimage trailer and release date

Richard has tweeted a link to the new Pilgrimage trailer.

And, according to the article, the film premieres this Sunday (April 23) at the Tribeca Film Festival and will hit theatres, VOD and Digital HD on August 11 (assuming this date is just for N. America as of now).

ETNow lists Pilgrimage among 23 Must See Tribeca movies

The Irish Film Board has tweeted (and Richard has retweeted) that ETNow has named Pilgrimage as one of its 23 can’t miss Tribeca Film events.


Pilgrimage to be available world wide

Thanks to @sahraobsessed for letting us know, and to @mooseturds for the information. according to Hollywood Reporter, Pilgrimage has been sold to a number of distributors world wide, including, ” Eagle Pictures for Italy, Transmission for Australia/NZ, A Contracorriente for Spain, Falcon in the Middle East, AT Entertainment for Japan, With Lion for South Korea, Fox for first-run Asian Pay TV and Fabula Films in Turkey.”



Pilgrimage to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

@SavageProd tweeted that the film Pilgrimage will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, NYC in April. The festival runs from April 19-30. The schedule is not live yet, but individual tickets to viewings can be purchased starting March 28.