10th January, 2012

Netflix is launching itself in the UK with a deal enabling streaming of The Hobbit.

Strike Back series 1 is being aired in the United Arab Emirates. The National (an English-speaking newspaper based in Abu Dhabi) has reviewed the series and asked Richard what he thinks of John Porter:

“He’s a great man. I wanted to make him  somebody I could really aspire to  be, and give him qualities that I  would want, if I were a better  person. So I put him up on a pinnacle.  …”

Strike Back series 1premieres on January 11,  and will be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays on OSN First HD, OSN  First and OSN First +2.

7th November, 2011

c21Media.net has reported that Netflix will have exclusive rental rights to The Hobbit movies in the UK and Ireland.

The dvd of the television documentary, Ark Royal, which aired from late February until April, 2011 and which Richard narrated, is available from Amazon.uk and Simply Home Entertainment. (Thanks to RichardArmitageOnline and Monetsmum). It is also currently airing in Australia on Discovery Turbo Max (ch 634 and 635 for +2). You’ll need to look for it in their search engine. (Thanks to Jeanlin) You can find details and an excerpt from the program on our Audio – Narrations page.