Macbeth (1999) Angus

The RSC began its winter (November) 1999 season with what became an acclaimed production of Macbeth at the Swan Theatre in Stratford and in London. It then toured both Japan and the US during 1999 and 2000. In 2001 the production was filmed with the original director and cast at the London Roundhouse.

His acceptance to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) gave Richard his first theatrical speaking roles. Richard played Angus in both the theatrical and film productions.

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Production details

Cast                                                    Director                        
Antony Sher – Macbeth                       Gregory Doran
Harriet Walker – Lady Macbeth
Joseph O’Connor – Duncan                Writer
John Dougall – Malcolm                      William Shakespeare
Ken Bones – Banquo
Nigel Cook – Macduff
Richard Armitage – Angus
Robert Whitelock – Donalbain



Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth (2005) Peter Macduff

Richard gives an excellent precis of the idea for the series and his role in his interview with Matthew Wright for BBC Radio 2, in 2005, “The BBC are doing four adaptations of Shakespeare plays and they’ve kind of given them a contemporary flavour in a similar way to the way they did the Canterbury Tales. I’m playing Macduff in their version of Macbeth which is set in a kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant sort of a la Gordon Ramsay. It’s pretty anarchic and it’s going to be quite exciting. I’m off tomorrow to do some research at La Gavroche”. (The Johnny Walker Show, Matthew Wright, Radio 2, March 16, 2005)

The other plays treated for this series were The Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The series aired on BBC1 in November, 2005. Macbeth is the second episode in the series. Each play is adapted by a different writer, and relocated to the present day. The plays were produced in collaboration by BBC Northern Ireland and the central BBC drama department. (Wikipedia)

This is actually the second filmed version of Macbeth in which Richard performed. Earlier in his career, in 1999, he played Angus in the RSC’s acclaimed version of the play, touring Japan and the US. You can find details of that performance at our Early Career page and caps in our Gallery.


Production details

James McAvoy – Joe Macbeth
Keeley Hawes – Ella Macbeth
Vincent Regan – Duncan
Richard Armitage – Peter Macduff
Toby Kebbell – Malcolm
Joseph Millson – Billy

Mark Brozel

Peter Moffatt
William Shakespeare

“The idea was to find a contemporary situation and environment where you have a hierarchy, a killer instinct and a cut-throat, hot-house atmosphere.” (‘The Times, September 10, 2005)






“My character is actually head waiter so I’ve got to, sort of, study the front of house stuff. So, that should be interesting.” (The Johnny Walker Show, Matthew Wright, Radio 2, March 16, 2005)