The Crucible now available for US cinemas

It appears that Yael Farber’s, The Crucible, is available for US cinemas from 1st March. There doesn’t seem to be information, yet, on cinemas or schedules. But, it’s a beginning. (Our thanks to rcny13 and jh and dorkinlove).


Richard Armitage looks back on The Hobbit and forward to Hannibal

“The undisputed standout in Peter Jackson’s sixth and final Middle-earth movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was Richard Armitage, whose rigorous performance as the increasingly deranged Thorin lent psychological weight to what was otherwise an action-heavy final chapter.”

Richard talks about filming The Hobbit and Hannibal as well as performing in The Crucible and gives us a little more detail about his character, Raymond de Merville, in his latest project, Pilgrimage –

” … kind of a 12th century road movie about a relic which is making its way back to Rome with a group of monks, and I play a French Norman who has a personal agenda to corrupt this little journey. It’s interesting, and most of my character’s dialogue is in French, so I’ve been having to buff up my French.”

Richard tweets that he won’t be able to attend the Olivier Awards

Transcript of OlivierAwards Twitter Q&A

Text version:

Richard Armitage @RCArmitage ·

.@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage join me in 30mins for some questions. My new friend “Lippy” won’t be answering questions


Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards ·
Hi Everyone, Thanks for being here. I’m going to start with a really good one from a very special person #AskArmitage

yael farber ‏@yfarber
#AskArmitage most balls-to-wall moment?1st foto shoot impact/throwingup in act4 improv/lost bladdercontrol/push-wall-4hrs-sharpen-ax-repeat?
Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards
.@yfarber Can I say the rubbish breakfast you bought be in Leeds about a year ago? The impro/priming for Act 4 which I used every night RA

Glady ‏@GladyRoland
@RCArmitage @OlivierAwards Did you have your own version of John Proctor before speaking with Yael? Was it different? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards
.@GladyRoland @RCArmitage I ‘tasted’ Millers extraordinary portrait in a very personal way, I think that’s what Yael saw RA

Su Falk ‏@SunkenTreasure7
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What would be the role of a lifetime for you? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@SunkenTreasure7 @RCArmitage This was it. Proctor, but Yael’s production surpassed my expectations. There is another role in our minds…RA

Laura Morano ‏@mustwritefaster
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What is it about a script that makes you think “I have to be part of that” #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@mustwritefaster @RCArmitage When you read the words on the page with your eyes, and immediately want to speak them aloud, and then you try

Liz Hanbury ‏@Liz_Hanbury
.@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage What was the first thing you saw on stage that had a big impact on you? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@Liz_Hanbury @RCArmitage Michael Gambon ‘Volpone’ Janet McTeer ‘A Dolls House’

Allison Rose ‏@arose_is_arose
What have you taken from your big return to theater back to your film and television work? #AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@arose_is_arose I think a sense of play hard or go home, and that every ‘take’ is a chance to go deeper. No repeating.

Cristina Baier ‏@CristinalOwl88
#AskArmitage Are you excited to be nominated for the wonderful Olivier Award? Such an honor, wishing you the best! #OlivierAward
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@CristinalOwl88 I’ve never been prouder than this, it’s a huge honor to be in the company Mark,Tim and James. Actors I admire immensely.

Delphine Estienne ‏@elinoriane
#AskArmitage What role would you like to play more than anything in the future, that you dream to play?Thank you very much!
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@elinoriane @RCArmitage I’d love to stand on stage and say “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”…I’ve said it in private enough times!

Wang Lu ‏@Luna8825
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage #AskArmitage which one is more difficult on stage, the dramatic conflict or subtle sensitive emotions?
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@Luna8825 Feeling something/goose pimples are hard to ‘see’, I believe an ‘silent alchemy’ between two actors can galvanize an audience

Jessica ‏@oakenshieldx
#AskArmitage Tell us about the cast of The Crucible, what was it like working with them? @OlivierAwards
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@oakenshieldx An extraordinarily tenacious cast, vibrant, humble,thoughtful, committed. They were ‘all in’. Catherine is missed

TildaDwi ‏@mdwijati
#AskArmitage What do you most like and dislike about John Proctor character?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@mdwijati His love for Elizabeth. His blindness. the former changes the latter through the play; love gives him sight, he dies with clarity

Cyn ‏@dainty_c
#AskArmitage @OlivierAwards Any actor you dream to work with onstage in the future?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@dainty_c An actor who absolutely depends on the other for everything they need.Hard to know until you try a scene and look into their eyes
.@dainty_c Cate Blanchette

Allison Rose ‏@arose_is_arose
Loved digital Crucible but know it was a different experience from the live play.Anything you liked better about filmed version?#AskArmitage
Olivier Awards  ‏@OlivierAwards
.@arose_is_arose Yael twisted my arm, The close ups. That was a perspective only the actors had, the the camera got ‘in there’, wonderful

Gai Singer  ‏@it_sGai
Apart from The Crucible which other works by Arthur Miller do you like? #AskArmitage @OlivierAwards
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@it_sGai Ha ha, A View From the Bridge. And Ivo Van Hove’s production is astonishing. The Price is a favorite.

Zebra Déborah ‏@AnaraDubh
@OlivierAwards @RCArmitage #AskArmitage what was your favourite reaction of the public during the play?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@AnaraDubh when Cheever entered Act 2 to arrest Elizabeth, gasps of ‘oh no’, people put their hands to their faces, their fear was palpable

Dorothea Blümer ‏@dorotheabluemer
@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage After half a year without being John Proctor have you left him behind, or is he or parts of him still with you?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@dorotheabluemer He’ll always be there, I still peek at those words, Like having another listen to Beethoven’s No 3…just to check

Kirsten B Caron ‏@Kirstenbcaron
@OlivierAwards #AskArmitage What is the primary message you hope viewers take with them after experiencing The Crucible?
Olivier Awards  @OlivierAwards
.@Kirstenbcaron The power and potency of our words, our beliefs, our accusation, our design can tear down a society..
.@Kirstenbcaron …a drop of water becomes a tidal wave.

Olivier Awards @OlivierAwards ·
.@RCArmitage I think that might be a nice note to end on. Thanks for coming signing off now. Happy Easter RAX