Cast of Desolation of Smaug at premiere in Berlin

We’ve recorded the cast of The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug being introduced at the European premiere in Berlin on 9th December, 2013.  Unfortunately we missed being able to record the interview with Richard earlier in the livestream.

NYC Hobbit Premiere Report

by Librarygirl, accompanied by her hubby, Mr LG and meeting up with RAC forum member, Chrysanthe

December 6, 2012

The day before the premiere, I figured I would make some more signs to make sure we got Richard’s attention. I knew Chrysanthe made a sign with Tannni’s awesome pic, and then I made one that said “Look Back at Me, Richard” and my hubby was game to hold one that said, “Armitage Army: Tolerant Husband Division.”










I didn’t know how early people would be lining up for the premiere, so we headed into NYC right after dropping the kids off at school at 9am.. Got to the Zeigfeld theatre around 10:30 am and there were only 3 other people there, lol.


It was pretty cold, so we headed across the street to a Starbucks to get some hot chocolate and warm up a bit. Just as we were leaving, I realized I missed a call from Chrysanthe so we headed back to the theatre.

We noticed the few other people went across the street, where we were told was where we would have to be for the premiere. Chrys asked one of the people working at the theatre where the best place would be to stand, and he pointed us to where a truck was parked – the spot was right across from the doors where the stars would be dropped off. He said IF anyone was to P1030833give an autograph, they would most likely go straight across from the main doors. So we staked out our spots there … and waited for the next 6 hours or so, lol. Lots of people walking by and asking what we were waiting for, and one woman was so disappointed that no one was dressed as a hobbit.  But then some publicity people came by and we all got Gandalf hats!



It finally started to get a little more crowded as it got closer to 6pm. We started taking out our signs and cameras, and our AA signs were definitely noticed. One security guard said he’s been working with Richard and would try to make sure he came over to us. A nice photographer for Reuters said he met him the day before at a photoshoot and said he was a terrific guy. The photographer was a really sweet guy and we chatted with him for a while.

The only bad thing was that, since we were in a prime location, the professional autograph hunters staked out a spot behind us. And of course since I was the shortest I was afraid they would be sticking their pictures in front of my face. They didn’t even know who anyone was, their “boss” gave them all pics of who to look for.  We talked to them and they promised not to push, but of course they did. Even the security had to tell them to back off.

Finally the stars started arriving!! There was one car with some of the dwarves – Stephen Hunter (Bombur) was waving out the window, but none of them came around for autographs.

Then came Dean O’Gorman. In my rush to get my Hobbit book ready to be signed, I accidentally dropped it at his feet. He bent down to get it and said, “Oh, I think I’ve heard of this, it might be playing across the street, maybe you should check it out.” He winked at me and signed my book.








Aidan Turner signed a few autographs, though not my book.  🙁 







Next came Adam Brown, Graham McTavish, Bill Kircher and James Nesbitt. I managed to get Adam Brown & Graham MacTavish’s signatures…

P1030846wmP1030866wm P1030867wm P1030868wm











Andy Serkis was wonderful and spent the most time signing autographs out of everyone. Got his signature in my book. He saw my husband’s sign, laughed a little when he saw “Armitage Army,” but then read the rest of it and said it was awesome.








Finally, Richard!! He got out of his car right in front of us (thank you Zeigfeld Theatre security guy for giving us the perfect spot to wait!) and came straight over to our group.










He read my sign and said, “aww,” and then I asked if I could have a pic and he said “of course.”  (There is my hand on the back of his arm!)  And then put his arm around me.  He signed my hubby’s sign, too, but it was so crazy I don’t think he really read it.


He mainly signed for our group and a few other people down the line and then he was ushered inside.

P1030879wm P1030880wm P1030881wm















Richard was pretty much the last star inside, except for a few people not associated with the film, like Chevy Chase and Liv Tyler. The crowds started to thin, except for the PETA people who were getting some media attention then.  We walked away from them, and then realized that some of the cars that brought the stars to the premiere had circled back around and looked like they were waiting to drive them somewhere. So we went over to the entrance to the theatre grahamnychobbitto see if anyone wasn’t staying for the film. A few of the dwarves (Aidan, Dean, Graham, James) came back out again. I managed to get a pic with Graham MacTavish (who practically kneeled to fit in the pic with me, lol)







and then they were told they had to get in their cars and leave. Aidan Turner apologized for not being able to stay and take pics.

P1030893wm P1030894wm








 RAFrenzy managed to record some of the craziness from that night.  You can see it HERE.

It was an exciting night, totally worth it!