Bakersfield Now interview for Berlin Station transcript

We have added our 4-page transcript of Richard’s interview with Bakersfield Now for Berlin Station to our Library. There’s a brief mention of Robin Hood, and Cold Feet (where IMDb apparently says Richard took aqua aerobic lessons for Cold Feet, although he’s also said in an interview that he gave aqua aerobic lessons). This link is to p. 1 of the transcript and you can navigate through the rest of the interview – and the Library – by using the Library’s thumbnails.

Several Berlin Station interview transcripts

Richard has done several interviews to publicise the release of Berlin Station season 1 on digital platforms, including iTunes. We have done transcripts for many of them. However, because there are a number that, basically, repeat the same questions, we’ve stuck to transcribing those that are a little different. Here are links to:


Kansas City Live (link is to p. 1 of a 2-page transcript and you can use the Library’s thumbnails to move through the rest of the interview)

SideWalks. This interview also touches on North & South and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. (link is to p. 1 of a 5-page transcript and you can use the Library’s thumbnails to move through the rest of the interview)

Good4Utah (link is to p. 1 of a 2-page transcript and you can use the Library’s thumbnails to move through the rest of the interview)

The Morning Blend. This interview also touches on Oceans 8. (link is to p. 1 of a 2-page transcript and you can use the Library’s thumbnails to move through the rest of the interview)

Berlin Station (Daniel Miller) (2016 –

Richard leads the cast in this made for television, 10-episode spy series for Epix, which aired in the US from 16 October 2016. It was renewed for a second series in November that year. Richard plays Daniel Miller, a CIA operative tasked with uncovering a mole (loosely based on Julian Assange/Edward Snowden) who is threatening the security of the CIA’s Berlin base. The series was only initially available on cable in the US through Epix but in February 2017, Paramount Home Media Distribution announced in would be available worldwide as a Digital HD download. The series, which opened with Richard’s character bleeding out on a Berlin street having been shot, was filmed with two endings to accommodate its renewal – or cancellation. Fans were delighted to learn from a tweet from Richard on 8 February, that Richard’s character will return in series 2.



Executive Producer
Olen Steinhauer

Guiseppe Capotondi
John David Coles
Joshua Marston
Michael R. Roskam
Christoph Schrewe

Olen Steinhauer (created)
Bradford Winters
Larry J Cohen
Amanda Kate Shuman
Kyle Bradstreet
Adria Lang

Richard Armitage – Daniel Miller
Richard Jenkins – Steven Frost (Chief of Berlin Station)
Rhys Ifans – Hector DeJean
Michelle Forbes – Valerie Edwards
Tamlyn Tomita – Sandra Abe
Leland Orser – Robert Kirsch
Bernhard Schutz – Hans Richter


Yeah, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to unveil this show to, to our audience. You know, we shot this back in 2015 when … the news cycle was pretty hot, but … 2016 has become a year that I don’t think many people are gonna forget easily – and we’re a show about national security; we’re a show about the intelligence services; and we’re a show about, effectively, a cyber hacker who is effectively threatening, you know, national security. So, it feels like we’ve got a finger on the pulse, and we are ahead of the news and in line with what’s happening ; so, I’m excited about that. I think that there’s, I think it’s something that people will enjoy watching. (Richard Armitage, Television Critics’ Association Press Tour – Berlin Station – July 2016)


The thing I love about this show is that it’s really about now and what, what’s coming. It feels very relevant. It’s sort of chasing the news. I think everybody really knows who Edward Snowden is, and the assimilation of Thomas Shaw to that means that if, if, we are fiction but it, it’s about, you know, what’s happening in the zeitgeist at the moment, you know, and I think that that’s quite an appealing and complicated situation for people to enjoy. (PA Live: Berlin Station – Richard Armitage and Michelle Forbes (October 11, 2016))


I mean, to an extent you start with the internet; you know, the books that you collect are essentially purchased that way, but I became fascinated with Edward Snowden. I looked at Glenn Greenwald’s work – Julian Assange – but the thing that fascinated the most, once that work had been done, was the fact that we were … potentially gonna play real people in real situations and seeing very regular people extending themselves psychologically and empathically. You can see it in our first episode … I always assumed that spies would somehow be robotic and have to be in control of their emotions but, actually, they go further than that, and so a lot of the research was more in that field rather than just factual information from the internet, which is unreliable. (EPIX-Vanity Fair Interviews the Cast of Berlin Station (September 29, 2016).)



I feel like, for me, as a European playing an American, one of the, one of the lines that I really followed was what is it like to be a true patriot working in the cradle of an institution which is potentially flawed and tracking down that person that is gonna open up all the cracks. It’s like, it’s my job to find him but, at the same time, I don’t want that institution to fracture because it’s what makes me a patriot, and it keeps my country safe. That, that drama which plays out within the character was, was difficult. (EPIX-Vanity Fair Interviews the Cast of Berlin Station (September 29, 2016.))