The Crucible now available for US cinemas

It appears that Yael Farber’s, The Crucible, is available for US cinemas from 1st March. There doesn’t seem to be information, yet, on cinemas or schedules. But, it’s a beginning. (Our thanks to rcny13 and jh and dorkinlove).


Vodzilla review of The Crucible has given The Crucible on Screen 10/10 and says of Richard:

The cast heat things up quickly, led by a fiery performance from Richard Armitage. He throws himself into the middle of the auditorium as John Proctor, beginning the play commanding and confident.

Above the din rises Richard’s innocent man, sporting a ragged beard and dishevelled outfit that seems to fall apart in front of us. “What is John Proctor?” he cries to the heavens, his voice hoarse from the strain. It’s a colossal performance in a towering, timeless play that, thanks to Farber’s lack of fuss, feels even more relevant today. At three and half hours, The Crucible is a monumental piece of theatre. It’s a fortress – and there’s isn’t a single crack in it.

Interview on has announced that there will be an exclusive interview with Richard released on March 17 to celebrate the release of The Crucible download.  This 45 minute interview was the one conducted in front of a live audience in September, 2014. The interview will be available to rent for £1.99 or buy in HD for £4.99.