Australian press for release of Berlin Station series 1

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From The Australian’s @justinburke who selected it as his top pick.


And from the West Australian,



Berlin Station airing in Australia

It has been changed a bit but, according to the most recent television schedule, Berlin Station 1 and 2 will begin airing back-to-back on SBS, with s1e1, 10.30 pm Wednesday 13th December and then epi 2, on Thursday 14th December. The series will then be playing on On Demand.

Just a thought, if it does finally air here, it might be nice to keep in mind that there are still places all over the world that haven’t seen it so be a bit careful when chatting on social media.



It looks like s. 1 is airing WEEKLY from Wednesday, 13th December and being streamed on SBS On Demand from Thursday 14th December. Apologies for the confusion.

Some new Berlin Station tweets from Richard