Bakersfield Now interview for Berlin Station transcript

We have added our 4-page transcript of Richard’s interview with Bakersfield Now for Berlin Station to our Library. There’s a brief mention of Robin Hood, and Cold Feet (where IMDb apparently says Richard took aqua aerobic lessons for Cold Feet, although he’s also said in an interview that he gave aqua aerobic lessons). This link is to p. 1 of the transcript and you can navigate through the rest of the interview – and the Library – by using the Library’s thumbnails.

Cold Feet (2003) Lee Preston

The British comedy-drama series Cold Feet aired on ITV for five seasons from 1997 until 2001. It follows the lives of three couples experiencing different kinds of love and relationships. Richard joined the cast as Lee Preston, a “flirty girty” gym instructor and love interest for the nanny of one of the couples, for four episodes in the final season (5). The series has won several British Comedy Awards.

Production details

Helen Baxendale – Rachel Bradley
James Nesbitt – Adam Williams
John Thomson – Pete Gifford
Fay Ripley – Jenny Gifford
Robert Bathurst – David Marsden
Hermione Norris – Karen Marsden
Jacey Salles – Romana Ramirez
Richard Armitage – Lee Preston

Producers                          Directors                        Writer
Spencer Campbell             Simon Delaney                Mike Bullen
Andy Harries                      Ciaran Donnelly
Tim Sullivan


“When I saw that he was a swimming instructor I sort of thought, ‘Well, OK, I’ve got to get over the fear … So I went and did some research in a swimming pool with loads of pregnant women … It was kind of entertaining. But I didn’t actually get in the water … I kind of stood on the edge sort of, you know, strutting around. I didn’t actually have to swim or dive.” (BBC Radio 2, The Johnny Walker Show, Matthew Wright, March 16, 2005)





“Look, I’ve been working out every day since I got this role – can you tell?” (‘The TV script said I had a perfect six pack … so I had to work out”, Sunday Mirror, August 25, 2002)