RAlover/Deb4317 meets Richard on set of Black Sky

On Wednesday, August 15, RAlover/Deb4317  managed to meet Richard on the set of the Untitled Tornado Thriller (aka ‘Category Six’). This is her account of the meeting

I think this is one of the MOST EXCITING days of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

Last  night my hubby said I should make up a sign to draw attention to   myself….so I got a big piece of poster board and  (crudely) wrote   ‘Richard Armitage’ and he stapled a yardstick to the  back of it and I   took that to O Uni.   I was waving that thing all  over the place and   making a general ass of myself!  But it paid  off!!!!  That’s how much I   wanted to see Richard!

To make a very long story short, I saw   someone taking  pics at the ‘used car lot’ and it was ItsJSforMe!  We had   a very nice  chat and she told me where the trailers were and that she   had talked  to the stunt coordinator.  So my hubby and I went  there.

We   walked down the hill (bold as brass!) to the trailers where there were   some crew members standing around.   The men didn’t  know who RA was   (yeah, sure!)  but there was a woman there I chatted  with.  She told me   to talk to this other woman (an assistant to RA I  assumed) as she walked   out of the nearest trailer.  I explained to her why I was there and   showed my sign and she laughed and said she loved it!  Then she said she   would text RA to see if he was available.

She walked away behind the bunch of trailers and a few  minutes she CAME BACK WITH RICHARD!!!!!!!  Just the two of them!  I was  dumbfounded!  Couldn’t believe my   eyes!!!  He is the sweetest,  kindest, most gracious, MOST HANDSOME man   alive!  More so than I could ever imagine!!  He shook our hands and   asked our names.  I welcomed  him to Michigan and he said he loves   Detroit! (? Uh, OK!) LOL

As he walked up to us I held up my dumb sign and he  laughed.  He said “What is this?”    I said it’s to get your attention!  He said (laughing) “That’s a   rubbish sign….throw it away!”  So I  tossed it to the ground.  But,  hey, the sign worked!

My hubby asked if he could take a pic of   us and he said  yes, then RA asked my hubby to join us for a photo and   his ‘assistant’ took it.  Then I wished him an early Happy Birthday and   he said  “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!” Then he HUGGED ME!!!! MEGA-SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

For  the photos he had his arm around my shoulder and I  had my hand around   his waist!  So slim and firm!   I was dying to  smell him!   I can report   he had on no cologne and smelled very clean.  He had on a t-shirt and  dirty jeans.

I phoned ItsJSforMe but she had already gone home.  She  later told me she went back but was unable to get past the guards.    I  hope she gives it another chance tomorrow.

So I had a private meeting with Mr. Armitage  behind his trailer!!            

 God was smiling down on me today!!!

With kind permission, photos of her encounter with Richard are in our Gallery – HERE

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