Tweets, Berlin Station season finale

Richard tweets about the Berlin Station season 1 finale, airing Sunday night, December 18.

Yahoo TV also shared a cute video of Richard wearing a disguise:

Berlin Station behind the scenes photos

Posted by Michelle Forbes

And posted by Sabin Tambrea has exclusive clip from Berlin Station finale has posted an exclusive clip from the Berlin Station finale that will air on Sunday, December 18. Some of the lead actors reveal their thoughts about their characters’ state of mind going into the season finale.

Richard Armitage, who plays Daniel Miller, CIA agent:

“There is a huge amount of confusion in Daniel’s mind as we approach the finale of the season. As a character he has survived with ‘clipped wings’, largely an observer unable to act upon his instincts. But as the final layers of the story unfold to reveal the master plan, Daniel is finally able to take control and actively participate in something he should have had a tight grip on from the outset, the inertia he has felt is finally released and he can make choices and decisions to salvage what’s left of his own credibility and that of the CIA station he was tasked to serve. This is not the mission he thought it would be.”