New radio interview for Irish radio, News Talk

Richard has been interviewed by Philip Molloy for The Picture Show, on News Talk. You can listen again, here. He talks about Pilgrimage, Oceans 8, Love, Love, Love, Hannibal, The Crucible and his upcoming project, My Zoe.

Richard’s segment is about 35 minutes in. To find it, when you’ve clicked on The Picture Show option which you’ll find in the calendar section, look to the very top of the screen, underneath the heading at the top (you can see a volume button over on the right). You should be able to see a tiny, red beginning of a line just underneath the heading, over on the left. As the audio moves, you can see it moving, too. You can click your cursor along that line until around halfway through and find Richard’s interview that way.

UPDATE: We’ve recorded Richard’s portion of the interview:



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