Suzi Meets Richard

Many thanks to RAC forum moderator, Suzi.

August 28, 2012

OMG, I met Richard today!

Third Times the Charm … Squeeeeee!

After 2 failed attempts to meet Richard at the Oakland University site, today was a success. Terry (OH) and I went to downtown Pontiac this morning since I read they were filming Black Sky there and even building their own set on Main Street. After driving around the area, we finally found a friendly guard who told us where they were filming and, incredibly, even where we could park, which was right across the street from the ‘action’ and only 40’ from the actors’ trailers.

We asked a woman who looked like she was ‘guarding’ the actors’ trailers if Richard was filming today. She answered “yes” but he’s very busy so she didn’t think we’d be able to get near him. Terry and I decided we’d at least walk through the set of ‘Silverton’ and maybe get some pics.

We returned to our car and stood around watching the movie crew for a bit and then Crystal, who we think is Richard’s assistant, came to us and asked us our names. We gave them and I said I’d just like to meet Richard … or get an autograph … or a pic … or just see him. She said this was the last day they’d be filming in that location so he was extremely busy and she didn’t think we’d be able to, but if we wanted to wait and see … Would I!!!

She added that he’d be walking past us shortly, but asked that we not take any pics of him because he was “in costume.” A very short time later, there he was. He glanced over at us as he walked to the set and again when we went back to his trailer, which I took as a good sign. With that, we decided we’d wait until either Crystal or Richard appeared again. About an hour later, Crystal came by and told us it wasn’t looking good for us to see anymore of Richard than when he walked by us earlier. I thanked her and Terry got in the car to leave. I took one last look back at his trailer, and he was walking toward me. Squeeeeeee! He came right over to me and introduced himself. Let me tell you, he is devastatingly handsome, and all the pictures in the world don’t do him justice. Anyway, I mumbled something like a thank you for coming over and we shook hands. Terry asked if we could get a picture and he said, “of course” and put his arm around my waist, so I put my arm around his waist. (Guh!) As someone else said, he’s very slim but firm.

Terry took my picture with Richard, and then Richard suggested I take one of him and Terry. Terry said this was the first time he’d have his picture taken with a movie star and Richard said, “I’m no movie star.” (Always so humble.)

Afterwards, I asked if he’d done anything fun while he was in Michigan and he said, “yes, lots of things. I love it here.” (Sorry ladies!) I told him the gorgeous weather we’ve been having isn’t typical Michigan weather and he added that sometimes they were having trouble filming because it was so sunny.

Terry then asked if I could have a couple autographs (thank goodness since all I could do was mumble) so he signed a pic for a friend that I’d brought with me and my copy of The Hobbit.

He thanked us for waiting for him and said he was going to eat lunch. We said goodbye but before he got 10 feet away, he was stopped by an autograph seeker who had two huge pics for him to sign, one of which was Thorin. He smiled and graciously signed those pics, thanked the autograph seeker and starting walking up an incline where the crew was having lunch. Autograph seeker then told me repeatedly how nice Richard is. Duh!


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