Librarygirl at Pinter/Proust at 92Y – January 16, 2014

Librarygirl’s report of Pinter/Proust performance at 92Y
January 16, 2014

Sorry this got a little long…

So I found out about the performance on Friday, January 10 thanks to Servetus on twitter and immediately bought my tickets.  Hubby (Mr. LG) was supposed to work on the night of the 16th, but after a few phone calls a lovely coworker was able to take his hours so that he could accompany me into NYC.

Mr LG and I arrived in NYC around 5:30 pm, ate a quick meal across the street, and then headed into the 92Y for the pre-show talk with director Di Trevis, and New York Times critic Alastair Macaulay.  We saved a seat for my friend, RAC forum member Chrysanthe and also met up with ArmitageBesotted (whom I had met when I had given one of my tickets for the Hobbit Fan Event in November).   The talk was very good – not too much information about the play itself, but instead Ms Trevis talked about her relationship with Harold Pinter and the first times she staged the production at LAMDA (with Richard and Annabel Capper) and at the National Theatre.  She said once after a performance in London, Gary Oldman told her if she ever took it to NY, he wanted to play “Marcel” but unfortunately he didn’t get cast for this performance. 😉  Ms. Trevis explained that they’d only been rehearsing the performance for 4 days and that there weren’t any plans to take it any further at the moment.  We also found out Richard was sitting at the back of the theatre for at least some of the talk but we didn’t realize it until after.

We found our seats, and I texted a bit with @saraalizecross who was telling me how she nearly sat next to Richard for the preshow talk. We were trying to meet up to say hi, but kept missing each other in the lobby and gallery.  Before we knew it, it was time for the play to begin!   I was very glad to have read some of the screenplay before attending the performance so I had a little bit of an idea what was going on (the library where I work was one of only 3 in our system to have the Proust Screenplay so I browsed through it while at work that morning).  Poor Mr. LG was very confused as the time periods shift from scene to scene.  Overall I don’t think the play was our cup of tea, but it was a fun experience to see it live.  Richard was absolutely wonderful when he was on stage – he got some good laughs, and those scenes with Odette were mesmerizing.  *swoon* I only wish he was on stage more!  [see Chrissy Lampard’s videos on youtube]


Cast List

A few days before the performance, the 92Y tweeted to us that there would be a chance to meet the artists in the gallery after the show.  Unfortunately, after the show was over  the gallery was blocked off and was “invitation only.”  There was a large crowd outside and we were all pretty disappointed after the 92Y were the ones who volunteered the information about the gallery in the first place.

ArmitageBesotted  went back into the auditorium to mention to staff that there was a big crowd in the lobby who were all there to see Richard.  Next thing you know, there he is coming out of the gallery to sign autographs and take photos.  I quickly grabbed my camera, the program and a pen from my bag and made my way with Chrys and ArmitageBesotted into the crowd.  I tried to give the camera to Mr LG for him to take a picture but he didn’t want to push through the crowd so gave the camera to ArmitageBesotted instead and she propelled us toward Richard.  I was very happy to see Chrys get a photo with him after she unfortunately missed out at the Hobbit premiere last year.  As I was waiting, a woman in front of me asked him for an autograph and he said he didn’t have a pen.  I had mine in my hand already so I passed it up to the woman who handed it to him.  ArmitageBesotted asked me if I was going to mention anything about the RACentral website and I said I wasn’t sure if I’d have the nerve.  So she said that she was going to say something to him for me.

Finally it was my turn! Richard  turned to me and I handed him my program to get an autograph and I said, “oh you’re still using my pen that I passed up here” and he said “well, you’re never going to see THAT again.”  LOL.  (Turns out he preferred to even use my pen instead of ArmitageAgonistes’ sharpie).


Richard signing my program with my pen.

So while he’s signing the program, ArmitageBesotted leaned over and started to explain that I’m one of the people who works on one of the biggest websites about him (I’m not even sure if she managed to say RACentral or not) and he said to me, “thanks, it’s very nice to meet you”.  I asked for a photo so he asked where the camera was.  We turned toward ArmitageBesotted and she took the photo.  I wish I had mentioned how much I enjoyed seeing him on stage or anything else more intelligent than about my pen, but it was just so crazy that I couldn’t think at all.  I’m surprised I managed to say anything, honestly.



Blurry photo from Mr LG’s phone. You can see, though, how much he has to bend down for me.

Chrysanthe then asked me if I would use her phone to try to take another photo of her and Richard since the first one didn’t come out as well without the flash.  When they turned to me, I remembered that she has a picture of Richard on the phone case and for some reason I thought it was really funny, so I told him, “Ok, smile at yourself, Richard!”  I’m such a dork.  I didn’t notice if he laughed or not, I was too busy mentally slapping my forehead..

Photo of Richard with Chrys's from:

Photo of Richard with Chrys’s phone from:

We made our way back out of the crowd and watched him take pictures with the other fans and giggled amongst ourselves.  This nice woman was complimenting Mr LG on his voice and I proudly said that he was my hubby and that I obviously have a type – tall, dark, handsome, nice voices… 😉 This woman was then talking to some other girls about how she’s a member of C19, so I asked who she was and it was the lovely Mary 3!  I told her who I was, as one of the moderators there had told us to be on the lookout for each other.  It was a pleasure to meet her, she was so sweet and she gave me one of her beautiful drawings.

Looked like Richard was getting ready to finish up when I asked Mr LG if maybe he wanted to take a picture with him.  He said why not, so we went back into the crowd.  I think Richard was a little surprised to see a man walking up to him after all these women, but they shook hands and then turned towards me so I could take the photo.  My camera at that moment decided to go into sleep mode and when I “woke” it back up it was showing previous pictures, asking if I wanted to delete them.  Ack, no!!  It’s a new-ish camera so I wasn’t sure how to fix it right away, so I quickly took my phone from my pocket.  Then of course the camera on the phone was reversed so it was trying to take a pic of me; had to take a second to turn it around the right way.  So embarrassing, but Richard was very patient.  The photo  was kind of shadowy, but I finally got a picture of my 2 favorite men together (the same height, too!).  That was the last photo Richard took, and he went back inside to the gallery.


My 2 favorite men…

We spent another few minutes talking and Chrys messaged me all the photos she took so that I could post some of them on the RAC forum right away.  We said goodbye to ArmitageBesotted and other ladies until the next RA event!  It was a wonderful night, I think I skipped back to the parking garage.

Thanks so much to the 92Y for the wonderful performance and of course to Richard Armitage for taking so much time with his “well-wishers”..  It’s no wonder we love him so much.