Chrysanthe’s Night at the Theatre with Richard

Thanks to RAC forum member Chrysanthe for her report and photos!

January 16th, 2014
92y Theatre, nyc

Hello ladies. Just a little doodle about last Thursday night at the Pinter/Proust production at the 92Y in NYC. I was chatting with a few ladies last Sunday at the NA Pub Quiz, where I learned from LG and Deb, that Richard was going to be doing a show for just one night in nyc on Thursday. It was such fantastic news, as we have all been hoping he would return to the stage since it’s something that he had voiced himself. In my excitement, I didn’t realize that they meant THAT Thursday, but rather the next, which would have me back in Greece by then. At the end of the chat, I realized that I could actually go since it was that Thursday, and I was leaving on Friday anyway to visit friends in Maryland for two days, and then continuing on to Greece. Didn’t take long to get the wheels in motion….bought the theatre ticket, changed plane ticket to NY, reservation at hotel and train ticket down to Maryland on Friday. Now all I had to do was wait.

I met up with LG and Mr. LG at the theatre at about 6:20. It was so great to see them again. At least this time we weren’t outdoors like last year for The Hobbit Premiere for 11 hours in 1c weather! There was to be a lecture before the show with the writer/director Di Trevis, which turned out to be more of an interview/reminiscences of the writer Harold Pinter by her and the Theatre Critic, whose name is escaping me right now. They were lovely stories, very funny, touching and entertaining. It was only after the talk, that we heard that Richard had been sitting in the last row listening as well.

Then it was time for the show. I will leave that for the other posts, where video clips are already up, to see for yourselves. I will say that it was absolutely wonderful to see the production, which turns out, Richard had done with the director back in his LAMDA days along with his friend Annabel Capper. Richard played three roles. The first being Swan, in which he showed so many emotions, like timidity, passion, anger and great disappointment. He performed so wonderfully, you could taste the feelings. What stood out even more for me though, was not where he actually spoke, but a scene where his character lets down his guard and allows himself to be seduced by Odette. I can’t begin to convey how powerful his body language was with my poor ramblings. No words were necessary in this scene, just a red light shining down on them, a very poignant pause, he turns and follows her a few paces, they stop, then she coyly turns and moves on and he pauses again and follows, and this continued for a bit across the stage. I’m so glad to see that Chrissy Lampard has put part of this very scene up so you can see it.

The second character was just for a couple of lines, a reporter, but he did don an eye patch and play the rogue for a few lines. Lovely. The third, was the part listed as “Brothel Patron”, I figure it was more of a brothel worker……don’t think I can mention it here as this is a PG-13 forum. Anyone wanting to know cam PM me.

After 2 ½ hours of watching a play I found very engaging and at times hilarious, it was over too soon. It was advertised that after the show there was to be a meet and greet in the foyer with the actors. This turned out to be “By invitation only”. On the left side of the room there was a roped off area leading to the room this was to take place in. There were at least 70 women waiting for Richard (didn’t actually count, but it looked about right) all feeling very disappointed. There was another lady that LG introduced me to, but since I can’t remember her forum name, I won’t print her real name here, (will edit later)(it’s now later and it was ArmitageBesotted) and she was everything you would expect of a soldier in the Army to be. She wouldn’t just sit and take the disappointing news, but said that she would go back into the theatre, and find someone to get the message to Richard that we are all out here waiting for him. And off she went marching back into the theatre, bless her noble heart! Later there was a report that the director saw all the ladies in the foyer and sent Richard out.

Well it wasn’t long before Richard walked into the roped area with a bodyguard (or just security) in tow. I hope I didn’t squeeze LG’s arm too hard, but it was an incredible moment of relief and joy to see him, serenely standing so elegantly there, with us all.
Basically Richard stood in one place, and the ladies approached him, one by one. We were all very well behaved, I must say, with the exception of one excited girl that jumped up and hugged him around the neck. Richard just smiled and bent down a bit and she let him go with what sounded like a squee of sorts. I made my way up and was to his left, and his back was to me, so I merely said, “Hello Richard.” and held out my hand. He turned, smiled at me and shook my hand. It was a firm yet gentle shake, and felt like what I can only describe as, a musicians hands would. Funny how I wasn’t the least bit nervous. This is how our short conversation went.

Chrysanthe, “I really enjoyed the show.”
Richard, “Thank you very much.”
Chrysanthe, “Can I take a picture with you?”
Richard, “Of course.” He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel like there is no one else in the room, and that that time is just for you. I placed my iphone in his hand, which seemed to surprise him.
Chrysanthe, “You’ll have to take it though. Your arms are longer.” Looking surprised again he says,
Richard, “You want a selfie?”
Chrysanthe, ” Yes”. He moved in closer for the pic, lightly touching my shoulder.He managed much better than my fingers would have and passes the phone back saying,
Richard, “I hope that I took it.” I then thanked him and he said “You’re welcome” and moved on.

chrysRichardProustplayJan162014nycIt really was quite dim in the foyer and I had forgotten to turn on the flash. Well it’s a match for my pic with Graham McTavish from the Premiere last year…where I stuck my finger over the flash…

chrysRicharPinterProustJan162014nyc3There he is with my iphone in hand. Someone posted this on tumbler. Must find out who. I can understand why she cropped me out 🙂

chrys_ra_phoneUPDATE: Apparently the lady who took this pic read this report on the site and e-mailed the pic! Thank you thorin6277. You’re the coolest!

Courtesy of LG

Courtesy of LG

As you can all see, my nose rivals Richards’……..


Courtesy of LG

I thanked him and moved away so that the next lady could have her time with him. Basically I just moved about 8 feet away and stood with Mr.LG. I could see that LG was making her way to him, but there was a bit of a crush, so I wiggled my way to her with the intention of getting Richards attention. The lady who ran into the theatre earlier to get the message to him that we were all there, was there too and more than got his attention for LG. Bless her. Well he stayed for a good 25 minutes, when it dawns on me that I need to check the pic he took. I guess I was a bit afraid to look at it. So again, I get to the front, and as things were finally winding down, I lightly squeezed his arm to get his attention. I told him that the other pic didn’t come out well, and asked if we could take another. He said “Certainly!.” So LG took that one for us with my phone..which has a cover with Lucas North on it…… LG said loud enough for him to hear, something like. “Richard, look at yourself!”

chrysRichardPinterProustJan162014nyc5Here is the second pic we took which I look absolutely horrible in. (Cropped to spare you all.)

He was incredibly gracious with everyone the entire time. Never rushing anyone and immensely patient. Calm, relaxed and content is how I saw him. He looked well rested too. All the premieres, interviews and travel must have been rough, but that night, he looked younger than his years and happy. He most definitely felt the love and support of his Army.