Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, A Novel

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, A Novel is the second of two audio-novels written by authors AJ Hartley and David Hewson. Using Shakespeare’s Hamlet as its springboard, the authors extend the range of the characters, storylines and motivations created in one of Shakespeare’s most acclaimed and performed plays. Deciding to use barely sketched elements of the story, they create an entirely distinct narrative that draws the listener into a world of crime, adventure and political intrigue. Giving it 5 stars, The Times (London) said:

“English literature teachers worried about getting pupils entranced by Shakespeare should plug them in to this imaginative gloss on Hamlet before starting on the real thing. Hobbit-fanciers will rejoice to find that Richard “Thorin Oakenshield” Armitage is an outstandingly versatile narrator. This is the one of the most powerful listening experiences that I’ve had.”