About the Forum


It is a rare interviewer who does not ask Richard, ‘And, do you know you have fans calling themselves the Armitage Army?’ these days.

The ‘Armitage Army’, a lighthearted name given by a complaining husband, has grown from a few fans of Richard’s performance as John Thornton in the BBC’s 2004 production of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North & South. to an army of (mainly) women from across the world. One enterprising member of the BBC forum, finding the restrictions placed on what they could and couldn’t talk about difficult, decided to start her own board using the free facility provided by Yahoo. Members flocked to this haven where they could happily drool over Richard without fear of being modded by Aunty Beeb. As great as the Yahoo board was, it was restricted to posting text only so the decision was taken to move the now renamed Armitage Army forum to a Proboards board in September 2006. Moving to a Proboards forum allowed us to fill our posts with lovely pics of Richard and show off our talented members artwork! In 2007 it was renamed the Armitage Army@Richard Armitage Central (AA@RAC for short). The AA@RAC is a friendly, vibrant and vital forum and currently has, from the north to the south of the globe, over 1600 enthusiastic, talented, fiercely loyal, and only mildly lunatic, members – and this is steadily growing – who have created well over 17,393 topics and  1,000,000 posts.

We are very much a global family. So, whatever time of day it is for you, we have members on board and things for you to do and see and chat about. We are all about fun, even our various challenges are just for practice and enjoyment and we like to think we have something for everybody.


So why not join us?

Whether you just want to drool, read some stories, catch up with the latest news, or join a quiz and chat in the pub, we’d love to welcome you.




We’d love you to join us if you haven’t already, and it’s so easy to do! Just follow the link and sign up!


So what would you see? To give you a taster here are just some of the things we get up to!


Well, we are Richard Armitage Central! We have a career section for each and every role, (including his voicework, which is increasing, much to our intense delight). We keep up to date with every interview, article and piece of news, and of course chat about it all!

We even have a special ‘room’ just to drool over pictures of Richard! It is extremely popular!

Whenever possible we hold ‘live’ commentaries and discussions on any new work being aired in the UK, enabling those elsewhere in the world to be involved.

The Golden Dragon

We have an online ‘pub’ where you can congregate and chat about your day.

Three quizzes are held almost every day at times to suit those on different continents. So whether you are in Australia, America, or Europe (or anywhere in between), you are likely to find a quiz running at some point during your evening. They are just for fun, but we love them!

We also have a games room with all sorts of word games, plus individual quiz challenges to test your knowledge on a range of subjects.

Weekly caption contests based on a screencap from our Gallery are incredibly funny and guaranteed to make you smile!

Milton & the surrounding countryside

Here we have boards dedicated to talk about films, television, books, art, and music and any other actors that take our fancy. Plus a Joke Shop to make you laugh!

Let’s Make a Difference

Our members are involved in all sorts of activities to help make this world a better place, ranging from knitting and crocheting for baby charities, to running in the Race for Life each year. There’s much more besides, plus all the support and encouragement you could need!

Zest For Life

Our lifestyle board, this is where we support each other on diets, have weekly weigh-ins, and talk about exercise and healthy living. We also share recipes; the good, the bad, and the deeply delicious.

Notice Board

A place to celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries and any achievements of our members.

Fan fiction and Writing

As Richard has proved so inspiring in his many and varied roles, we have a board where members can post their stories and poetry based on his characters. There is a general fiction section for other work too.

We also hold weekly story challenges of varying lengths, fifty nine words, five hundred, and one thousand, some based on a title only, others based on a weekly picture.

See some examples of the stories up to fifty nine words here in The Brief Place.

Examples of our five hundred word stories can be seen here in The PicFic Papers.

Poetry challenges are also popular – in every form we can find. We stretch ourselves to many styles, some of which are even used in our Artwork Challenges (see below.)

You can read some examples from our challenges on the Poetry Page.

The Darkroom

For the photographers among us, we have a board for members to post their stunning photographs from all over the globe.

You could even try your hand at one of the Darkroom photography challenges held approximately twice a month. They are very popular and produce fantastic images. To see for yourself browse through the challenge results posted here in the RAC Gallery! There are also Camera Exercises to help you practice.

Arts and Crafts and Artwork Challenges

We have many talented members who create the most amazing artwork, all shown in The Studio on the forum. Icons, wallpapers, signatures – they are all here and worth a long visit!

We also hold 2-weekly art challenges for all comers of every level. Ranging from icon or signature challenges, to wallpapers, and even to creating ‘cards’ to show off poems created in the poetry challenges. If we can think of a challenge, we’ll tackle it!

Results to these can be seen in the RAC Gallery here.

Our quarterly Marathon Icon Challenges are a new feature and a challenge for all to create large collections of icons on certain subjects.

For 2012 we have made a Character Desktop Calendar and a Lucas North Black and White Calendar for everyone to enjoy. They are available in our Gallery here!


So, now you know a little bit about us – we look forward to seeing you around the forum 🙂