Sleepwalker promo photos

Many thanks to @marvistaent (and @RArmitage_US) for sharing Sleepwalker publicity stills with us and other RA fansites

Sarah Dunn photos from Sleepwalker

Sarah Dunn has released two new photos of Richard from the Sleepwalker set.

Casltevania Season 1 reviews (just a bit late)

Apologies – RL intervened then technology has meant it hasn’t been possible to add these to the Library. So, instead, here are the links to some of the reviews for season 1 of Netflix’s Castlevania.


Nerdbase. Review: Netflix “Castlevania”

Nerdslant. More Than a Nostalgic Cashgrab. A Look at Netflix’s “Castlevania”

US Gamer. Castlevania Netflix Review: Fans Will Cry Bloody Tears Of Joy

IGN. Castlevania: Season 1 Review Castlevania: 8 Things That Worked (And 7 That Didn’t) On Netflix