Vicar of Dibley (2006/2007) Harry Kennedy

The Vicar of Dibley is an enormously successful and much-loved British comedy series created by Richard Curtis starring Dawn French as Geraldine Grainger, the woman vicar of a English village. It aired from 1994 until 2007. It received numerous British Comedy Awards, two international Emmy awards and received several BAFTA nominations. Richard joined the cast as Geraldine’s love interest and then husband in 2006 for the two final episodes of the series, The Handsome Stranger and The Vicar in White. He also reprised the role for a Comic Relief Christmas special, “Wife Swap” in 2007.

Dawn French commented on the choice of Richard for her love interest, “We went through all sorts of posh famous names who might have been very willling and happy to do it, but we agreed it could have unsettled things. The show isn’t about going, ‘Look who that is!’. It’s about finding the right bloke for this character who we’ve known for so long. So our first thoughts we dismissed because we realised we needed somebody that you’d just believe and think, ‘Yeah,I’m glad she’s with him’. It needed to be someone who could match her and be her equal. Richard Armitage plays it very well.” (‘The Vicar of Dibley finds love at last’, Express Saturday Magazine, December 23, 2006)


Production details

Dawn French – Geraldine Grainger
Gary Waldhorn – David Horton
James Fleet – Hugo Horton
Emma Chambers – Alice Horton
John Bluthal – Frank Pickle
Trevor Peacock – Jim Trott
Roger Lloyd-Pack – Owen Newitt
Richard Armitage – Harry Kennedy
Hugh Bonneville – Jeremy Ogilvy
Keeley Hawes – Rosie Kennedy

Executive Producers                  Producer                   Directors
Peter Bennett-Jones                    Jon Plowman              Ed Bye
Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis
Paul Mayhew-Archer


“I suppose he’s looking for some peace on a little Buddhist journey … It’s not really explored in depth in the story but he’s been working in the city and he’s burned out and he’s come to the country to find some harmony.” (‘Heaven Sent Bloke’, Sydney Morning Herald, December 10, 2007)





“The family sat down together and we really enjoyed it. For me, personally, after playing 6 months of Guy of Gisborne scowling it was just brilliant to spend all that time laughing.” (GMTV, Lorraine Kelly, October 3, 2007)




“[It] took a long time before I stopped sitting there, looking across the table and saying, ‘What the f— am I doing here?'” (‘Heaven Sent Bloke’, Sydney Morning Herald, December 10, 2007)