This Year’s Love (1999) Smug Man at Party

Written and directed by David Kane, This Year’s Love follows the relationship entanglements of 6 thirty-somethings over 3 years – Danny (Douglas Henshaw) and Hannah (Catherine McCormack), Liam (Ian Hart) and Marey (Kathy Burke), Sophie (Jennifer Ehle) and Cameron (Dougray Scott). Richard appears very briefly at a party where he goads Danny into a fight.


Production details

Douglas Henshall – Danny
Catherine McCormack – Hannah
Jennifer Ehle – Sophie
Dougray Scott – Cameron
Ian Hart – Liam
Kathy Burke – Marey
Richard Armitage – Smug Man at Party

Director                      Writer
David Kane                 David Kane




The first acting job I … I did a film when I first left drama school called The Year’s Love, and The Sterophonics were a relatively unknown band at the time so, and … there’s a piece of music called ‘Just Looking, which was, I think, the title track of the, of the film.  (BBC Radio 6 Music, The Chris Hawkins Show, Interview with Chris Hawkins,  November 3-7, 2008)