The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – The Monster Collection – 2017

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was released by Audible worldwide in October 2017 as one third of a “Monster Collection” for Halloween. The audiobook was released in the US as a standalone but elsewhere it was only available as part of the collection (which included Dan Stevens reading “Frankenstein” and Greg Wise reading “Dracula”).



… You know, it, it took me by surprise because I didn’t realize when I was reading it with my eyes that the very final document is actually from Dr. Jekyll, himself, so it’s very much a first-person account of what happened in the form of, I did this, and I did that; and I found that to be interesting because you have to, from every other perspective it’s always observed and it’s, obviously, it contains the opinion of the person observing; whereas, when it’s in the first person you really understand that the person writing this moment in time is talking about what’s happening to him in real time, and that was really interesting. (Following Films Podcast:   Christopher Maynard interviews Richard Armitage – Sleepwalker (October 29, 2017))

… I mean it’s controversial, isn’t it, because to me the story is about drug addiction and, I guess, at the time that was quite a – a subject, I suppose, that lots of people, especially in those fields were experimenting with – uppers and downers and laudanum was a big deal which was an opioid, so there’s that aspect of it, the actual scientific aspect of it. But the, the side of it which I am also so interested in, is this idea of a split personality which, you know, I think we probably all have and I think Dr Jekyll recognises it in himself and goes to work to experiment with unleashing it. It’s a fascinating idea. (Audible SESSIONS interview with Elise Italiaander, October 2017).