The Impressionists (2006) Claude Monet (young)

The Impressionists uses contemporary letters, records and interviews to tell the story of “the artists who were to transform the art world”. (BBC Press Office) To use Richard’s words, The Impressionists is, ” … a three-part dramatised biography of the Impressionist artists. It follows Monet … in his eighties reflecting on his life but also introduces the other artists that were connected to the Impressionist movement. So you’ve got Renoir, Degas, Manet, Cezanne. Each [one hour] episode kind of goes in[to] … their stories as well”. (The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5Live, April 19, 2006)

The 3 part series aired on BBC1 from Sunday, 30th April, 2006.


Production details

Richard Armitage – Claude Monet (younger)
Julian Glover – Claude Monet (older)
Charlie Condou – August Renoir
James Lance – Frederic Bazille
Aden Gillet – Edgar Degas
Andrew Havill – Edouard Manet
Will Keen – Paul Cezanne
Isobel Pravda – Camille Monet
Amanda Root – Alice Monet (Hoschede)

Tim Dunn

Colin Swash
Sarah Woods

“I find it quite shocking – that prolific aspect of an artist, and I was really interested to see how a man that radically changed the art movement and lived with great poverty and struggle became that placemat. So, it was a very interesting exploration for me.” (The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5Live, April 19, 2006)




I’ve always wanted to do that, to play that kind of character because there’s a great body of literature you could look back on, biographies. And there’s a responsibility because there’s probably still members of the family that exist so you have a much greater responsibility and, I suppose, less freedom to do your own thing. So, it was a good challenge.” (The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio 5Live, April 19, 2006)