#AskThorin Twitter Chat 6th March, 2013

Here’s the text of the Twitter chat with Richard and Andy Serkis and James Nesbitt.


The Hobbit@TheHobbitMovie

RT @tiibacka: What does it has in its pocketses? #AskGollum

Andy: USB stick, car keys, and of course, I never travel anywhere without the precious.

RT @designer2342: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBofur…what was your fav scene to shoot and why?

James: There were many but I think the opening scene at Bag end because that was the first scene that was shot and there were 13 actors getting together to go on this journey with a wizard and a hobbit and it was an emotional experience.

RT @mitsuhachikuro: @TheHobbitMovie #AskThorin Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or an army of duck-sized horse?

Richard: Horse sized duck. Good in hand-to-hand combat and (can give) a sword to the beak.

RT @MayaLMathers: @TheHobbitMovie If you could swap roles with any other actor from the movie, who would it be and why? #AskGollum

Andy: It would be @IanMcKellen because I’ve always wanted to say “you shall not pass” in his fruity tones.

RT ‏@Cat_V_: @TheHobbitMovie if you could have dinner with any 3, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be? #AskThorin

Richard: Richard III, John F. Kennedy, and Ian McKellen.

RT @akositomil: Will you be as adorable in Desolation as you were in Unexpected Journey? #AskBofur

James: It’s not for me to say, but I imagine I’ll be every bit as adorable and perhaps even more so.

RT ‏@TamaraCrosby: @TheHobbitMovie #AskGollum Do you find yourself having a Gollum/Smeagol moment when cameras stop rolling?

Andy: Yes. Often when I am traveling home on the tube “No precious, that’s a completely lie. There isn’t a tube.” “Where are we then, Precious?” “That’s for me to know and you to find out. Gollum, Gollum.”

RT @not_a_machine: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBofur #AskThorin Who is the better singer between you two?

James: #Bofur. Bofur has a natural voice, #Thorin has a trained voice.

RT @CristinaMaps: What was the scene you were most excited to shoot? And the one you were more worried about? #AskThorin

Richard: Thorin’s first arriving in Bag End. Because you are seeing him out of his comfort zone and starting his journey.

RT @GizGunslinger: Do you like #DepecheMode? I won’t believe if not, cause their songs match greatly with most of your characters #AskThorin

Richard: Yes. I would like to know which songs you think fit his character. Master and servant.

RT @MoonyDwarf: @TheHobbitMovie Hi Andy! What was the biggest difference between filming LOTR and The Hobbit? Thanks for answer. 🙂

Andy: On #TheHobbit, I was also directing the 2nd unit, which was an unexpected journey.

RT @amistoso_: Do you wear the same hats as Bofur in your free time #AskBofur

James: Not before I did the movie. I’m hoping to start an entirely new trend because it think the hats symbolize hope, courage and innocence. And also I look great in them.

RT @hannahmcspadden: @TheHobbitMovie Somewhere in the world you’ve always wanted to travel to, but not had the chance to yet? #AskThorin

Richard: Peru. I would like to climb Machu Picchu.

‏RT @ddmsen: #AskGollum What is your favorite line from #LOTR and #TheHobbit.

Andy: “If you want him, come and claim him.”

RT @RegineHolst: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBofur Did you become tired of going through the make-up everyday? What is the best memory from the set?

James: Beyond your wildest imagination of tired. The very notion of going back to it fills me with dread and fear. But it certainly reminded me I was in #TheHobbit every day.

RT ‏@Hedgeypig: @TheHobbitMovie I am making hobbit feet for a Tolkien mad 9yr old…Any tips even though you were a dwarf #AskThorin

Richard: Lots of talcum powder when putting them on. Use lots of hair. Stay on flat surfaces and avoid stairs.

RT @bellumperfecit: #AskGollum Andy, can you hug Richard? #AskThorin

Andy: Mmmm. This is nice. Some Gollum on Thorin action. How’s it for you Thorin?

RT ‏@Amy_Glove: @TheHobbitMovie James, dolled up dinner out or comfy home cooked meal in? #AskBofur #AskThorin #AskGollum

James: Dolled up, dinner out all the way, every time.

RT @pattyrism: @TheHobbitMovie What’s your favourite book? #AskThorin #AskGollum #AskBofur

James: The Catcher in the Rye

RT ‏@Cseverus: @TheHobbitMovie #AskGollum what do you consider your ‘precious’ in real life?

Andy: My iPad mini. And, of course, my family.

RT ‏@IngeD3: @TheHobbitMovie Richard, what’s currently n°1 on your bucket list?#AskThorin

Richard: Climb Everest.

RT @mitsuhachikuro: @TheHobbitMovie #AskThorin It must be hard putting on all those makeup and costume! Which part do you dread the most?

Richard: The face because it was the most uncomfortable, it stings, and fills up with sweat.

RT @ShhmessiJessi: @TheHobbitMovie Hi Andy! What scene was the hardest for you to try and portray? #AskGollum

Andy: As an actor, riddles in the dark. As second unit director, scene 88.

RT @itslegendrarry: @TheHobbitMovie what is working with #PeterJackson like? #AskGollum

Andy: Enormous fun. Hugely challenging. Totally exacting. Different on every take.

RT @MochacianaMarch: @TheHobbitMovie #AskBofur #AskThorin If you could’ve played any other Dwarf EXCEPT Bofur, which one would it be?

James: That’s a good question. I’d like to play Ori, he’s a funny little character.

RT ‏@EnrquliaIglestr: @TheHobbitMovie Would you ever consider growing a Bofur-like moustache for yourself? It’s a good look #AskBofur

James: I have, but not quite like that. I’m a big fan of facial hair. But Bofur’s would be quite hard to cultivate. But I’ve received pictures from at least ten men who’ve grown Bofur mustaches.

RT: ‏@Danihuri #AskGollum Which one do you prefer, Gollum or Smeagol?

Andy: Smeagol. No, Gollum. No, Smeagol.

RT @CCsFallenAngel: @TheHobbitMovie What’t the weirdest thing a fan has ever said to you? #AskGollum Certainly nothing I can repeat.

RT @AnaraDubh: @TheHobbitMovie #AskThorin What’s your favorite dessert?

Richard: Chocolate ice cream.

RT @KarolinaZajc5: @TheHobbitMovie What is your recipe for life? 🙂 #AskThorin

Richard: Chocolate ice cream. Treat others as you would want to be treated. And lots of chocolate ice cream.

RT @SamiB89: @TheHobbitMovie #AskThorin What is your favorite part of playing Thorin?

Richard: 1.) Making him fight. 2.) Trying to rationalize his madness.

RT@DanVoss What is a dwarve’s fave type of beer? Stop via Sydney & i’ll shout you one 😉 #AskThorin @TheHobbitMovie

Richard: Room temperature ale.

 RT @AlessiaCrawley: @TheHobbitMovie (one) thing you are afraid of? #AskThorin

Richard: Deep water.

RT @Clairey_Fairy7: @TheHobbitMovie #AskGollum Andy if you could be any other LOTR character who would like to play and why?! #legend

Andy: Galadriel. She gets the best frocks.

RT @HelmiTsh: #AskGollum What is your favorite planet?

Andy: Mercury. Because it was this planet that was able to lead Albert Einstein to prove his Theory of Relativity.

RT @ZaanQ101: Ooh gosh , okay so how cool was it to play the creepiest creature ever?? * #AskGollum!

Andy: Creep in your books maybe, but I always approached Gollum as the romantic lead. Especially in The Hobbit. He looks cute, huh?

RT @sadie72733929: #AskThorin what characteristics do you admire of Thorin and why, & what do you recognize in yourself?

Richard: His nobility and bending will to succeed. We share a propensity for a bad temper and anxiety of care.

Richard: Thanks fans for supporting the film. Come back and keep watching. 

We loves you, precious fans. Yuck, I want to vomit. Don’t be nasty Gollum. You’re such a creep, Smeagol.