The Golden Hour (2005) Dr Alec Track

The series draws on the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), based at London Hospital in Whitechapel. Dr Alec Track is the leader of a team of surgeons operating in the ‘field’ of London. They are called to the scene of accidents and traumatic events to deal with the victims. The optimum time frame is within one hour of the event – The Golden Hour. In this 4-part mini-series of 90 minute episodes, the team deal with victims when a semi-trailer crashes into a community hall, a bus runs over a little boy, a building explodes, and a car crashes while trying to avoid teenagers running away from the scene of a crime. Each episode looks at the lives and relationships of both the surgeons, played by Zoe Telford (Dr Jane Cameron), Ciarin McMenimen (Dr Paul Keane), Navin Chowdhry (Naz Osbourne), and the victims gradually peeling back the layers of the event to show what really happened.


Production details

Richard Armitage – Dr Alec Track
Zoe Telford – Dr Jane Cameron
Ciarin McMenimen – Dr Paul Keane
Navin Chowdhry – Dr Naz Osbourne

Jonathan Young

Directors                     Writer/Creator
Tim Leandro (1, 2)        Andrew Rattenbury
Julian Holmes (3,  4)


“There were moments when there was no acting required. I just stood there with my mouth open in awe. I couldn’t believe how realistic it looked. I felt more excited than queasy.” (Northern Echo, 8th September, 2005)






I’ve always wondered why anyone would put themselves in a position to experience such horror and trauma for such little financial reward, but talking to these guys, I got it. It’s not about praise, it’s about pride. It made me feel guilty and a bit ashamed for being an actor. (Daily Express, 10th September, 2005)