The Four Alice Bakers (1999) Young Richie Baker

The story is of a genetic scientist (Richie Baker) who clones his wife to ‘create’ three daughters. Fay Weldon’s novel, The Cloning of Joanna May, on which the play is based, was published in 1989 and the television series, starring Patricia Hodge, was released in 1992. (“Send in the Clones”, Michael Billington, February 25, 1999, The

After being previewed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre on February 19th, 1999 the play was then performed there from February 23rd to March 13, 1999.

Our thanks to Asolutely Sophia Myles for this fantastic still of a dress rehearsal.


One of my first jobs, as Sophia Myles will testify, was at the Birmingham Rep, and I played a dancing banana in a Faye Weldon play … (BBC1 Interview with Scott Mills & Becky, May 4, 2010)






Production details
(Thanks to RichardArmitageOnline for this information)

Cast                                                                    Director                     Writer
Michael Cashman – Harry Harper                       Bill Alexander            Fay Weldon
David Hargreaves – Richie Baker
Richard Armitage – Young Richie Baker
Sophia Myles – Young Alice Baker