The Duchess of Malfi (2000) Delio

The play, The Duchess of Malfi, was written by John Webster in 1612–13 and was performed first privately at the Blackfriars Theatre, then at The Globe, in 1613-14. The story involves the marriage of the Duchess to her steward (Antonio) and her ultimate murder, and those of Antonio and 2 of her children, at the hands of her brothers.

Richard played Delio, a courtier who is Antonio’s staunch and faithful friend. The character is based on a historical character of the same name. Dramatically, he narrates the story and holds Antonio’s secrets.

Reviews, which were generally unfavourable, do not mention Richard’s performance, focussing instead on the more well-established actors and the production as a whole.

Production details

Aisling O’Sullivan – Duchess of Malfi
Richard Lintern – Antonio
Tom Mannion – Bosola
Colin Tierney – Ferdinand (brother to the Duchess)
Ken Bones – The Cardinal (brother to the Duchess)
Richard Armitage – Delio (friend to Antonio)


Director                            Writer
Gale Edwards                   John Webster