The Crucible (2014) John Proctor


Richard starred as John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s classic American drama depicting the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts in 1692 and 1693.  Miller wrote the play in 1953 as an allegory of the McCarthyism, when the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee rooted out suspected communists.

The performances at The Old Vic Theatre, by acclaimed director Yaël Farber, ran from June 21 through September 13, 2014.  It earned 5-star reviews from such publications as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and more.

His rumbling voice comes from his viscera, and he stands like a man who feels undressed without his plow. His first instinct, like that of his fellow townspeople, is to survive, and in “The Crucible,” surviving and doing what’s right are not synonymous. Mr. Armitage gives palpable, sinewy force to John’s struggle, making the moral instinct feel primal, something that’s genetically coded but hard to bring into dominance. -The New York Times

Anna Madeley and the smouldering Richard Armitage as Elizabeth and John Proctor have fantastic chemistry and play the parts with so much raw emotion that is sometimes painful to watch as the village is torn apart.Broadway World

Armitage commands the stage without overwhelming everyone else. He combines moral and physical strength with human weakness in a way that is entirely credible – Daily Express

[Richard Armitage]… at first smoulders, all dark looks and muscular seriousness. Later he blazes, raging against the paranoid insanity that engulfs him — and also against his own fallibility. – London Evening Standard

Production Details

Principal Cast                                                       

Richard Armitage – John Proctor                        Director
Harry Atwell – Thomas Putnam                              Yaël Farber
Samantha Colley – Abigail Williams
Marama Corlett – Betty Parris                               Movement
Jack Ellis – Deputy Governor Danforth                   Imogen Knight
Ann Firbank – Rebecca Nurse
William Gaunt – Giles Corey                                  Music and Sound
Natalie Gavin – Mary Warren                                 Richard Hammarton
Christopher Godwin – Judge Hathorne
Catherine Hammond – Voice of Martha Corey
Hannah Hutch – Ensemble
Lauren Lyle – Ensemble
Anna Madeley – Elizabeth Proctor
Paddy Navin – Sarah Goode
Sarah Niles – Tituba
Tom Peters – Marshall Herrick
Neil Salvage – Francis Nurse
Rebecca Saire – Ann Putnam
Adrian Schiller – Reverend John Hale
Michael Thomas – Reverend Parris
Alan Vicary – Ezekiel Cheever
Daisy Waterstone – Susannah Walcott
Matt Weyland – Hopkins
Zara White – Mercy Lewis


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