Staged (1999)

Staged is a 13-minute short film. It is one of Richard’s earliest film productions and the first film written, produced and directed by Darren Denison. It was not commercially released. However, in 2013, due to fan demand, the producer/director, Darren Denison, released a limited issue DVD. The plot revolves around a couple ‘at war with one another during dress rehearsal while attempting to make a come back to the stage’. (

The producer commented, “Richard gave a flawless audition with the character of “Daryl Newman”! But what stood out most to me was his personable charm, humility and charisma, which I found endearing and captivating. I cast him on the spot and looked no further!”



Production details

Richard Armitage – Darryl Newman
Jennifer Taylor-Lawrence – Lily Newman

Darren Denison