Spooks (2008-2010) Lucas North

The British spy series, “Spooks” (“MI5” in the US and France) follows the operations of the Counter-Terrorism Department, “Section D”, part of the British Secret Service (MI5). It was created by David Wolstencroft and first aired on the BBC in 2002. Richard joined the series for 3 seasons, starting with season 7 in 2008, as the tortured (literally) leading male agent, Lucas North. He exited in season 9 as his character is revealed to have a dark and, ultimately, unbearable secret. The final series, 10, aired in 2011. Peter Firth as Section Chief, Sir Harry Pearce, was the only member of the original cast still present for the final series. It is a multi-award winning series, winning the BAFTA, Royal Television Awards, Broadcast Awards and BBC Drama awards for series 1, BAFTA and Crime Thriller awards for series 5 as well as several nominations.


Production details

Peter Firth – Harry Pearce (1-10)
Hermione Norris – Ros Myers (5-8)
Rupert Penry-Jones – Adam Carter (3-7)
Richard Armitage – Lucas North (7-9)
Gemma Jones – Connie James (6-7)
Alex Lanipekun – Ben Kaplan (6-7)
Hugh Simon – Malcolm Wynn-Jones (1-8, 9)
Miranda Raison – Jo Portman (4-8)
Nicola Walker – Ruth Evershed (2-7, 8-10)
Shazad Latif – Tariq Masood (8-10)
Sophia Myles – Beth Bailey (9)
Max Brown – Dimitri Levendis (9-10)
Robert Glenister – Home Secretary (5-9)
Simon Russell-Beale – Home Secretary (9-10)

Executive Producers
Andrew Woodhead (2-8)
Karen Wilson (1-2, 8)
Simon Crawford Collins (3-8, 10)

Katie Swindon (7)
Chris Fry (8)
Lachlan MacKinnon (9)
Simon Crawford-Collins (1-3

Directors                                                       Writers
Colm McCarthy (7)                                        Neil Cross (5-7)
Ed Hall (7, 8, 9)                                             Russell Lewis (7)
Peter Hoar (7)                                               Christian Spurrier (7-8)
Sam Miller (7, 8)                                            James Moran (7)
Alrick Reilly (8)                                              Ben Richards (2-5, 7-8)
Sean Reilly (8)                                               David Wolstencroft (1-9)
Dennis Kelly (8)                                             Jonathan Brackley (9-10)
James Dormer (8)                                         Sam Vincent (9-10)
Michael Caton-Jones (9)                               Anthony Neilson (9)
Paul Whittington (9)                                       Oliver Brown (9)
Julian Holmes (5, 9-10)                                 David Farr (6-9)
Richard McBrien (7-9)

“I’ve been practising my serious face, my Spooks look, and also my Spooks lean … That’s when you lean across the table when you deliver something really serious. Rupert Penry-Jones coached me in a lot of these things.” (‘A New Kid on the Grid’, Metro.uk.co, October 21, 2008)






“That’s one of the main reasons I took the job, because it was like nothing I’d ever done before character-wise. I was also attracted to the actual practicalities of what the characters do, the fact they have to be good actors when they infiltrate their way into various situations. I was fascinated by the day-to-day working process.” (‘I’d make a rubbish spy’, Sunday People, October 26, 2008)