Miss Marple: Ordeal by Innocence (2007) Philip Durrant

“Ordeal by Innocence” is the second episode in the third ‘Marple’ series produced by ITV in the UK. The novel tells the story of the Argyle family who are suddenly thrust back several years and into a maelstrom of doubt and questions when they are told that their brother, hanged for the murder of their mother, was innocent. There are several differences between the screenplay and the novel. Notably, Miss Marple, who does not appear in the novel, is the main character in the television episode and Richard’s character, Philip Durrant, one of the victims in the novel, becomes one of the suspects in the screenplay.


Production details

Geraldine McEwan – Miss Jane Marple
Juliet Stevenson – Gwenda
Denis Lawson – Leo Argyle
Alison Steadman – Kirsten Lindstrom
Stephanie Leonidas – Hester Argyle
Richard Armitage – Philip Durrant
Lisa Stansfield – Mary Durrant
Burn Gorman – Jacko Argyle
Jane Seymour – Rachel Argyle
Tom Riley – Bobby Argyle
Bryan Dick – Micky Argyle
Gugu Mbatha-Raw – Tina Argyle
Reece Shearsmith – Inspector Huish
Julian Rhind Tutt – Dr Arthur Calgary

Director                               Screenplay
Moira Armstrong                  Stewart Harcourt

“That was very interesting for me, to play a character in a wheelchair because I’m a very physical actor, really. So, to be restrained like that – it was a good challenge.” (GMT, Lorraine Kelly, October 3, 2007)





“Its a right of passage now. It was a fantastic cast.” (GMT, Lorraine Kelly, October 3, 2007)