Malice Aforethought (2005) Bill Chatford

Malice Aforethought is a two-part mini series based on the 1931 novel by Francis Iles (a pseudonym for the journalist, Anthony Berkeley Cox). It tells the story of a village doctor (Ben Miller), Dr Bickleigh, who murders his overbearing wife (Barbara Flynn). Richard Armitage plays Bill Chatford who, on discovering his new wife had an affair with the doctor before their marriage, is determined to prove his guilt.


Production details

Ben Miller – Edmund Bickleigh
Barbara Flynn – Julia Bickleigh
Lucy Brown – Ivy Chatford
Richard Armitage – Bill Chatford
Megan Dodds – Madeleine Cranmere

Keith Thompson

Director                      Screenplay
David Blair                  Andrew Payne


“Quite a nasty misogynist” (Daily Express, ‘Incurable Romantic’, September 10, 2005)