Macbeth (1999) Angus

The RSC began its winter (November) 1999 season with what became an acclaimed production of Macbeth at the Swan Theatre in Stratford and in London. It then toured both Japan and the US during 1999 and 2000. In 2001 the production was filmed with the original director and cast at the London Roundhouse.

His acceptance to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) gave Richard his first theatrical speaking roles. Richard played Angus in both the theatrical and film productions.

(Our thanks to Leslieg for her help in obtaining the screencaps of the film version.)






Production details

Cast                                                    Director                        
Antony Sher – Macbeth                       Gregory Doran
Harriet Walker – Lady Macbeth
Joseph O’Connor – Duncan                Writer
John Dougall – Malcolm                      William Shakespeare
Ken Bones – Banquo
Nigel Cook – Macduff
Richard Armitage – Angus
Robert Whitelock – Donalbain