George Gently: Go Gently Man (Series 2007 – current) Ricky Deeming (epi 1, s1)

George Gently is based on the Inspector Gently novels written by Alan Hunter and is set in the 1960s in Northumberland in England. It follows the cases of Inspector George Gently and Detective Sergeant John Bacchus. The first episode for season 1 aired in the UK on 8th April, 2007. In it, Richard Armitage plays Ricky Deeming, the charismatic leader of the Durham Defenders bikie gang, suspected of murdering a young gang member.

Production details

Inspector George Gently – Martin Shaw
Detective Sergeant John Bacchus – Lee Ingleby
Richard Armitage – Ricky Deeming
Joe Webster – Philip Davis

Director                    Writers
Euros Lyn                  Peter Flannery (screenplay
Alan Hunter (novel)


“I had to learn to ride an old 60s motorbike, A Manx Norton … It’s a racing bike, so your body is really quite flat to the machine. But it’s a genuine bike so you have to kick-start it … Although I have  to drive at speed, I haven’t managed to quite get out of first gear yet.” (Radio Times, “The Gently touch”, April 7-13, 2007)


“I’m the leader of the pack vroom vroom!” (TV Times, “I’m the leader of the pack!”, March 17-24, 2007)