Frozen (2006) Steven

Steven, played by Richard Armitage, is a security guard for the British Port Authorities in this multi-award winning film produced by Guerilla Films and co-written and directed by Juliet McKoen. It follows the journey of Kath (Shirley Henderson) as she tries to retrace the last steps of a sister who has disappeared. It is a film about the shadowy space between love, loss and obsession. Its awards include BBC Audience Award for Best Feature – Commonwealth Film Festival 2005, BAFTA (Scotland) Best Actress 2005 Kodak Vision Award for Cinematography – Slamdance 2005.


Production details

Shirley Henderson – Kath Swarbrick
Roshan Seth – Noyen Roy
Ger Ryan – Elsie
Richard Armitage – Steven
Ralf Little – Eddie

Producer                     Co-Producer
Mark Lavender            Jim Hickey

Director                       Writers
Juliet McKoen              Juliet McKoen
Jayne Steele

It’s a bit like a can of worms that’s about to open, and he has to keep a lid on it. (Inteview with Richard Armitage, Frozen dvd)







And there’s a constant supply of Starburst Opal Fruits which is always good on a job. (Interview with Richard Armitage, Frozen dvd)