Doctors (2000 – current) Dr Tom Steele (2001)

Airing from 27th March 2000, Doctors is a day-time medical soap opera set in the fictional English town of Letherbridge in the midlands close to Birmingham. It was created by Chris Murray and is screened on BBC1 and follows the lives of the staff of a medical surgery and their families.

Richard’s appearance in episodes 58 and 59 in season 3 in 2001 mark his second and third television appearances since Boon in 1992. He plays an unpleasant and arrogant character, Dr Tom Steele, who is more concerned for himself than his patients. Episode 58, ‘Cat’s Out Of The Bag’ aired on 21st November, 2001 and episode 59, ‘Good Companions’ aired on 22nd November, 2001.

Production details (episodes 58/59, season 3 only)

Christopher Timothy – Dr Brendan ‘Mac” McGuire
Maggie Cronin – Kate McGuire
Corrinne Wicks – Dr Helen Thompson
Tom Butcher – Dr Mark Eliot
Richard Armitage – Dr Tom Steele

Christiana Ebohon (58 & 59)

David Lloyd (58)
Graham Lester-George (59)