Cleopatra (1999) Epiphanes

Cleopatra is a made for television movie that first aired as 2-parts in January 1999. It is based on the novel, ‘The Memoirs of Cleopatra’ by Margaret George and is the fictionalised story of the Egyptian Queen’s (Leonor Varela) romances with Julius Caesar (Timothy Dalton) and Marc Antony (Billy Zane) and the political intrigue that entangled them. The film was produced by Hallmark Entertainment.

This was Richard’s first movie role and a little tidbit of interest is that its cast included Sean Pertwee (with whom Richard appeared a few years later in Cold Feet) as Marcus Brutus. Richard plays Epiphanes, a soldier to Octavian (Rupert Graves).

Production details

Timothy Dalton – Julius Caesar            
Leonor Varela – Cleopatra
Billy Zane – Marc Antony
Rupert Graves – Octavian
Sean Pertwee – Marcus Brutus
Art Malik – Olympos
Philip Quast – Cornelius
Richard Armitage – Epiphanes

Franc Roddam

Stephen Harrigan
Anton Diether

I actually worked with Sean Pertwee … a few years ago on a … US mini series about Cleopatra … filmed in Morocco. We had a chuckle about that when I ran into him on set (Cold Feet). (“The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack … “, Louise Hancock, Sunday Mirror, August 25, 2002)