CBeebies Bedtime Stories (October 2006) Story Teller

CBeebies is a multi-award winning BBC television channel aimed at children up to 6 years of age. The hour-long CBeebies Bedtime Hour is a final programme each day and features a range of story-tellers. Richard Armitage appeared as a story-teller reading 5 stories during October 2006: Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe, Flat Stanley, I’m Not Going Out There!, Winnie the Witch and The Lost Acorn.

There is no published information about Richard’s participation.

Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe is the story of what happens to a nasty, bullying dinosaur.






In Flat Stanley we find out what happens when his pin board flattens Stanley.









A little boy is afraid to come out from under his bed. I wonder why?






Winnie is a witch who doesn’t like winter and decides to do something about it.







Squirrel has hidden his nuts but his friends don’t know that and accidentally remove them. What is he going to do, now?