Budapest Circus (1988)

When he was 17, in order to gain his required Equity card, Richard ‘ran away to join the circus’.

The Budapest Circus opened in 1871 as a permanent circus. The original building was replace in 1971. Today, it is a major tourist attraction. (, accessed October 4, 2009)




It’s a, permanent stone circus that exists in a park in Budapest and it’s funny because we shot Robin Hood in Budapest so I went back to the circus and it’s more or less exactly the same show. (GMTV Interview with Kate Garraway and Andrew Castle, March 25, 2009)







Those were the days when you needed an Equity card to work, so that was my opportunity to get one, so I was shipped off for six weeks. … I slept very close to the elephants.  You could sort of smell them in the middle of the night … I was throwing hoola hoops at a skateboarder and throwing juggling sticks … and I did actually ride on the back of an elephant, and learned to back flip. (Good Morning TV – Interview with Lorraine Kelly, October 2007)





I saw an advert and thought it sounded like a laugh. What I didn’t realise at the time was that it was in Budapest. And the furthest I’d been was France. But I had a great time for six months. I earned 135 pounds a week, sleeping in a room with a Russian hoopla artist next to the elephant truck. (Louise Hancock, “The TV script said I had a perfect six-pack …”, Sunday Mirror, August 25 2002)