Boon (series: 1986-1995) ‘Man in Pub’ (1992)

The series revolves around the story of two middle-aged ex-firemen who start out in business together, Ken Boon (Michael Elphick) and Harry Crawford (David Daker), and it aired from 1986 until 1995.

A very grateful thank you! to C4 for watching and rewatching the series to find this.

Richard’s brief appearance in Boon is his first television role. Richard appeared as “Man in Pub” in season 7, episode 6, “Message in a Bottle”. Richard had one line, “”Yaaay!” shouted when the fruit machine he’s playing pays out. Two other characters, Alex Wilton (Saskia Wickham) and Rocky Cassidy (Neil Morrissey) both turn and look at him. The episode was filmed at The Steamboat Inn, Long Eaton, Derbyshire.



Production details

Cast (series)
Michael Elphick – Ken Boon
David Daker – Harry Crawford
Neil Morrissey – Rocky Cassidy
Elizabeth Carling  Laura Marsh
Richard Armitage – Man in Pub (epi 6 ser 7)



Series creators          Director (series 7 episode 6)         Writers (series 7   episode 6)
Jim Hill                         Nick Hurran                                      Matthew Faulk
Bill Stair                                                                                 Mark Skeet
Harry Holmes




That was when I was doing background work at Central TV in Birmingham.  I, I, yes, I thought, I took it upon myself to, to get some experience of being on a set so I was an extra … in a pub. (BBC Radio 6 Music, The Chris Hawkins Show, November 3-7 2008)