Between the Sheets (2003) Paul Andrews


Richard Armitage plays Paul Andrews, a probation officer with a secret in this mini-series examining the sexual relationships of four couples. They are linked through his wife, a sex therapist with problems of her own. The 6 part series appeared on ITV in November 2003.





The series director, Juliet Prowse, said of Richard’s performance, “I was impressed with how much human failing he was prepared to grapple with. He’s a terrific actor and a really nice guy – but managed to access a really dark side in his portrayal of Paul that lesser actors are often frightened to show”. (Interview with Jane Prowse, Director, Vulpes Libris, September 24, 2009)

Production details

Brenda BlethynHazel Delany
Alun ArmstrongPeter Delany 
Dean AndrewsSteve Ashby
James ThorntonSimon Delany
Julie GrahamAlona Cunningham
Richard Armitage – Paul Andrews

Jane Prowse
Robin Shepperd

Kay Mellor



I had an ear bashing from my mum after the first episode … She and her friends are a bit shocked by the content of Between the Sheets. I imagine a lot of viewers will feel the same, but I think it’s a brave drama. (Sunday Mercury, “I’m a bed boy”, November 23, 2003)



I think people find the frank dialogue more shocking than the nudity and sex scenes. People are too scared to talk about sex. (Sunday Mercury, “I’m a bed boy”, November 23, 2003)