Audiowork & Performances

Includes excerpts and details of all Richard’s audiobooks and audio performances.

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Romeo and Juliet: A Novel – unabridged (novel by David Hewson)

David Copperfield – unabridged (novel by Charles Dickens)

The Chimes – unabridged (short story by Charles Dickens)

The Turn of the Screw – unabridged (novel by Henry James), co-narrator with Emma Thompson.

Classic Love Poems – collection (various authors)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, A Novel – unabridged (novel by AJ Hartley and David Hewson)

Lords of the North – unabridged (novel by Bernard Cornwell)

Sylvester – abridged (novel by Georgette Heyer)

Venetia – abridged (novel by Georgette Heyer)

Convenient Marriage – abridged (novel by Georgette Heyer)

Robin Hood (Season 1)

Will You Tolerate This?
Who Shot the Sheriff?
Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Robin Hood (Season 3)

The Siege

Audio Performances

Over the Misty Mountains (sung by the dwarves led by Thorin and featured in the trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey).

Words & Music: Symphony of the City (a collection of poems and music; readings performed with Emilia Fox)
You can find a transcript of the poems read by Richard HERE.

Clarissa (audioplay based on the novel by Samuel Richardson)

A War Less Ordinary (poems written by those who remained at home during the First and Second World Wars)
You can find a transcript of the poems read by Richard HERE.

The Ted Hughes Letters (a collection of Ted Hughes’ letters)
You can find a transcript of the program HERE.