Quotable Quotes

Since his first interviews for Sparkhouse, Richard has been the ‘go-to’ actor for interviews for most of the productions in which he has performed. You’ll find just some of his most quotable quotes. You’ll see they are linked to the interview in our Library, whether for newspapers/magazines or television/radio which we have transcribed.

And, a thank you to Kat whose suggestion contributed to this page.


They could have CGI’d me running through CGI flames and then I could have just done it home. (laughter). (Rick Astley, Magic Radio, April 7, 2013)

The only emotion you feel is the desire to run in the opposite direction away from the fire.  (Rick Astley, Magic Radio, April 7, 2013)

I mean, it’s impossible to create a character without bringing your own experiences to it and your own emotions to it, you know, to an extent. (Monsieur Hollywood, December 12, 2012)

I do like it when people don’t recognize me inside a role.  I, I enjoy that. (Monsieur Hollywood, December 12, 2012)

With, with ‘Spooks’, I really went to fiction more than anything.  I, I looked a lot at John Le Carre and Frederick Forsythe and a lot of American authors as well, like Robert Ludlum, because I, I think this genre really relies on the imagination more than anything else, because when I was creating Lucas, I wanted to create somebody that, that I would aspire to be … (Radio 4 interview with Clive Anderson, September 18, 2010)

It’s not hard to learn your lines.  I learn my lines in images, so I, when I have a line which describes something, I try to picture that image and then rather than remember the line, I remember the image and describe it. (Bin Weevil, March 28, 2013)

Part of the acting process is to make yourself believe that it’s real and when you’re on location or on a set that’s been made, it feels very real … (Bin Weevil, March 28, 2013)

I think probably the hidden message behind the film isn’t really that hidden, it’s to not overlook the small person.  A small person can have a great influence if they have enough courage. (Bin Weevil, March 28, 2013)

I was recently in Vienna at the fair and they had an archery shooting gallery, which was called ‘Robin Hood’ …  It was great fun.  I won a huge cuddly Sheriff of Nottingham. (RH1 Audiobook interview, Sheriff Got Your Tongue?)

I do remember sitting down with ‘Lord of the Rings’ for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and just reading it.  I started with ‘The Hobbit.’  (RH1 Audiobook interview, Sheriff Got Your Tongue?)

I’m a bit of an all or nothing kind of guy. To be honest, I had no blind faith in myself. I don’t think I could have stayed around as a jobbing kind of actor. (The Daily Record, I rarely turn down work after years of struggling … , October 24, 2009)

I also worked front of house at the theatre, which was like some kind of torture – watching other actors, sometimes not very good actors, doing it. I used to sit there with my Stanislavski ‘How to Act’ books, ripping tickets. (The Daily Record, I rarely turn down work after years of struggling … , October 24, 2009)

To be honest, there’s nothing that would have stopped me from doing Thorin. If I never do another piece of work again after this, I think I’ll be happy, genuinely happy. It feels like an arrival. (Empire, December 2012, Thorin Oakenshield: Richard Armitage, The Dwarf With A Plan)

The one thing that I really do miss about being away is you just can’t get baked beans. (laughs)  I really miss baked beans on toast.  (RH1 Audiobook interview, Who Shot The Sheriff?)

You’re not going to ask me to sing, are you?  (grin) (Hitfix, San Diego ComicCon, July 2012)

It was nice to, to actually take someone down instead of being beaten to a pulp by a girl.  That was quite nice. (The Stage, Podcast)

When in doubt, do some heavy breathing. (GMTV Interview with Kate Garraway and Andrew Castle (March 25, 2009)

I, I try not to wear black, but I end up choosing black more than anything else. (BBC America Interview, June, 2008)

Having an action figure is quite strange but I’m placated by the fact that I don’t think it really looks anything like me.  But it’s nice to have a, a super poseable horse to go with it because when I’m not in Hungary I can practice my horse riding at home. (BBC America Interview, June, 2008)

One of the memories that really sticks in my head the most is walking in through the gates of Stonestreet at 4:45 in the morning when it’s dark. And there’s no one else here and the stars are still out, and then slowly the studio comes to life and the sun comes up. I saw a lot of those days. (The Hobbit Production Video #8)

I didn’t make many friends on Robin Hood … I’m convinced it was because I walked about with a face like a slapped arse all the time … (Scotsman.com, Richard Armitage – actor)

I guess there’s a dangerous place, my own darkness, that I don’t access in life but have the ability to go ‘alright, just for this role, I’ll just open this door and have a peek.’. (Scotsman.com, Richard Armitage – actor)

In school I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into. (Mirror.co.uk, Richard Armitage: ‘I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into’, May 30, 2010)

My interest in acting came from reading books, and my most satisfying parts have always been those have have come from novels. (Scotsman.com, Richard Armitage – actor)

I got my [Equity] card.  I remember it dropping through the letterbox and going, ‘I’ve earned this.’ (This Morning, ITV1 – Interview with Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford, October 27, 2008)

I went away and got a how to teach yourself Russian CD and didn’t get very far …  I learned to say, you know, the green bike and the red apple and things like that. (BBC Radio 6 Music, The Chris Hawkins Show, Interview with Chris Hawkins, November 3-7, 2008)

I spent a lot of time laughing with her, especially when she was trying to kiss me and make me laugh at the same time. (BBC Radio 6 Music, The Chris Hawkins Show, Interview with Chris Hawkins, November 3-7, 2008)

It was kind of mushy and slightly fizzy and dirty. (Speaking about a piece of Fanta bread he’d been asked to try. Radio 1 – Scott Mills and Becky interview Richard about ‘Strike Back’ and ‘Spooks’, May 3, 2010)

I think one of them is about 25 and the other one’s about 35. (Answering a question about the average age of his fans. Radio 1 – Scott Mills and Becky interview Richard about ‘Strike Back’ and ‘Spooks’, May 3, 2010)

Can you imagine a 3D me in your living room? (Radio 1 – Scott Mills and Becky interview Richard about ‘Strike Back’ and ‘Spooks’, May 3, 2010)

I can’t bear shopping. I can choose clothes for characters, but not for myself. I’ve got no dress sense. (English Women’s Weekly, October 26, 2010)

They did offer me one of the posters, but I just can’t fit it anywhere. (Talking about the building-sized publicity posters for Strike Back. Radio 1 – Scott Mills and Becky interview Richard about ‘Strike Back’ and ‘Spooks’, May 3, 2010)

My face on camera doesn’t lend itself to happy nice guys. I think it’s just that my bone structure looks menacing. I don’t smile that often. (The Telegraph, Richard Armitage: ‘I’m a bit mean. I haven’t got a nice guy face.’ July 22, 2011)

I think music hits a certain different part of the body and I think it’s to do with the vibration of sound and it just has an effect on your body, so I use music a lot with acting. (Naxos Audiobooks ‘The Convenient Marriage’ Interview, June 2010)

We do have a game on the set – you have to try and sing that theme tune.  It’s impossible. (Radio 1 Interview with Greg James – Richard talks about Season 9 Spooks, September 17, 2010)

It was probably one of the most difficult for me because I didn’t really sleep for a couple of nights before shooting. And, Lucy and I had endless conversations because there was so much that they needed to say to each other and Dom hadn’t, had deliberately not written it. (Talking about killing Marian, Robin Hood Series 2 DVD Extras, Beneath the Hood)

I don’t think he intended to put a sword through her stomach. I think he grabbed her in a clinch, which is probably the closest they’ve ever come and the fact that he had a sword in his hand meant that the sword went through her stomach. But, I don’t think he thought in that moment, ‘I’m going to kill you’. I don’t think he intended to kill her at all. (Talking about killing Marian, Robin Hood Series 2 DVD Extras, Beneath the Hood)

I listen to a lot of radio and more recently something which has occurred is when you listen to a radio phone-in and you get members of the public that call in, it’s really useful to sort of listen because you don’t have the visual contact, you’re just using your ear to hear somebody’s voice, often you can kind of create a little archive for yourself of different voices. (Naxos Audiobooks, Venetia interview)

One of the biggest moments was when we all put our gear on and we all stood together sort of looking around at each other and seeing the characters’ faces.  To stand in a circle and look at the guys that were going on the quest, and I got a real tingle up my spin. (The Hobbit Production Video #3, July 21, 2011)

Part of bringing my own sense of humor, what makes me laugh, to the table when I’m reading an audiobook is frustrating because I find things in that book funny and some people wouldn’t … (Naxos Audiobooks, Venetia interview)

Finally just to set the record staight on a few things, I don’t walk with a limp, nor did I intentionally give John a limp, perhaps it was just a case of big cobbles/thin soled shoes! I love U2, when I said I was not a huge fan, I meant I was a fan but not a huge one!! As for the nose and crooked teeth , they were prosthetic additions to the character, I am actually Brad Pitt in the flesh!!?? (Richard’s Message, February 24, 2005)

Medical drama is like marmite, love it or hate it!  (Richard’s Message, September 16, 2005)

“I did four weeks of scuba training for the sequence and made myself do fifty lengths every day. Then we were at the bottom of a tank and there was ten metres above you.” All 15 or 16 stone of him shudders at the memory of the moment the divers confiscated his goggles and breathing line. “They had put a microphone in the water so you could hear them say, ‘Just waiting for the bubbles to clear.’ I’m at the bottom of the tank thinking, I’ve taken a deep breath but I haven’t got enough air. When they asked me to do it again I was sitting in the dressing room crying, ‘I can’t!’” (The Telegraph, Richard Armitage: ‘I’m a bit mean. I haven’t got a nice guy face.’ July 22, 2011)

All I can say is I have serious saddle chaffing, aching shoulders from swinging a broad sword and some bruising and grazing from the twang of a long bow! (Richard’s Message, March 23, 2006)

Loads of love and internalcardiothorassictamponading massage. (Richard’s Message, September 16, 2005)

I think you will agree I am pretty eloquent and surprisingly tall for a 6 year old. (On his 36th birthday, Richard’s Message, August 27, 2007)

There was one particular moment where the guy had done a beautiful reconstruction of The Haystacks and there’s me daubing kind of purple paint on it saying, you know, is this okay to do this? (laughs) (Talking about The Impressionists, Radio 5Live, April 19, 2006)

I don’t think that we’re particularly similar but, you know, I wouldn’t mind his career. (laughs) (Talking about Colin Firth as Darcy, Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

I’ve always enjoyed literature and I like seeing great books kind of trans, transferred onto screen so I’ve always been, you know, I watched Pride and Prejudice and all the kind of costume dramas. (Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

My father is from Leeds and all of his family.  His, his mother worked in a woolen mill in, in Leeds, and, you know, there’s stone masons, miners…you know, it’s there in our heritage, so it was great to sort of explore that … (Talking about North &  South, Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

Yeah, I was terrified and … I think that’s probably one of the best things about it. It was like into the deep end … (Talking about Star Wars, Radio 2, May 16, 2005) (You can find information on Richard’s appearance in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, HERE)

Rock singer.  Yeah, I think that’s probably a little fantasy of mine.  I’ve never actually done any rock singing but what, if I do sing, it kind of, yeah…it would, it would be that style, I suppose. (Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

I’m not a great swimmer.  I have a kind of fear of water, which comes from something that happened when I was really a kid.  I kind of fell into a duck pond in my push chair … (Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

I think I broke a tree in Regents Park when I was at drama school being a monkey because I actually thought I was a tiny little monkey. and obviously I’m not, I’m 6’2” and quite heavy, and I got up a tree and the  branch snapped and, yeah, we got into trouble for that. (Radio 2, May 16, 2005)

But there are moments when you think: “OK, I’m diffusing a bomb now and I don’t know where I’ve got this skill from, but I seem to have it.” That’s when you start to laugh. (Metro.co.uk, A New Kid on the Grid)

The leather’s gone completely. There was a brief (from the Spooks producers) to say Lucas North wasn’t allowed any leather at all, apart from shoes. So there isn’t a hint of leather in this character’s costume. (BBC Newsbeat, Spooks new boy plays jailed agent, October 27, 2008)