Pilgrimage receives 3 IFTA nominations

The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) has nominated Pilgrimage for awards in Cinematography, Costume and Original Score.


Pilgrimage (Sir Raymond de Merville) – 2017

A group of 13th century Irish monks agree to the dangerous journey to transport their monastery’s holiest relic to Rome. On their journey they encounter Raymond de Merville (Richard Armitage), last son of an ailing lord, who sees the relic as a means to restore his family’s fortunes. The film was generally well received with strong praise for the acting and some reservations because of its brutality. It did not receive a wide cinema release after being shown at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2017, however it was released in the US on 11th August, after its release on blu-ray and DVD in July.

Production Details


Tom Holland – Brother Diarmuid

Jon Bernthal – The Mute

John Lynch – Brother Ciarán

Stanley Weber – Brother Geraldus

Richard Armitage – Raymond de Merville


Savage Productions


Brendan Muldowney


Jamie Hannigan

You know, I was really interested in the idea of occupation and, you know, a warring family kind of coming out of Norman France and sort of finding themselves in Ireland and trying to somehow integrate themselves but at the same time the family dying out and this young prince is attempting to better himself by, by kind of thwarting the plan; and it’s a very kind of selfish personal journey for this man, but it, it really spoke to me about what happens in a society when, when kind of religion sort of dominates the paternal kind of thrust and the void that’s left and, you know, these people are sort of used to the taste of war – it’s kind of an addiction – I felt that that was something interesting to me. (Newstalk.com’s Phillip Molloy Interviews Richard Armitage – Pilgrimage and other projects (8th July, 2017))


If you notice in the movie there’s really a complete absence of women, and I really felt like – particularly with Raymond – the, the lack of a mother, and it was something that I definitely sort of asked questions myself, you know, about where is the mother? It’s an incredibly paternal society and his father is in decline. You know, he, he has lost respect for his father, so I feel like there was the personal ambition and the pain of, you know, that kind of evolution in himself was balanced against quite a dark heart; and somebody that was literally sort of raised in a, in the theatre of war and, and that’s really all he knows, so to me that was kind of a, sort of a tragedy for a, for a man. (Newstalk.com’s Phillip Molloy Interviews Richard Armitage – Pilgrimage and other projects (8th July, 2017))

Film Inquiry Pilgrimage review

A very positive review, that pays particular attention to Richard’s performance, from Amyana Bartley at Film Inquiry.


“Re-positioning the usual spotlight from Marvel’s new golden boys, I’d like to focus on a truly stand out performance.  Richard Armitage, known mostly to American audiences for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, brings his most accomplished, focused performance to date. With a quiet, yet domineering presence, he delivers a villain of poise and elegance. From the first moment De Merville is revealed, you know you’re in for a dastardly treat. Armitage contributes a character of simmering rage, refined beauty and caustic color to an otherwise anemic, feral cast of players … “.


And, that’s just the beginning.